e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program

The e-Warrior: Digital Life & Learning Program offers telephone, e-mail, and walk-in support for any technical questions or issues that may arise. The Technical Support Center (TSC) is staffed with trained student workers and full-time technicians who are available to assist. Since we understand the importance of technology on campus, if a laptop cannot be fixed in a reasonable amount of time the student will be immediately provided with a replacement laptop of the same model.

What's Included?

    • Laptop exchanged every two years
    • Walk-in technical support on campus
    • Technical phone support
    • Webmail (email) and support
    • Digital Learning Lab software, laptop workshops and 1:1 training
    • Access to network applications and services (including the Adobe Creative Suite)
    • Personal website
    • Personal network storage
    • VPN for remote access to network resources
    • Wireless access
    • Access to several laser printers on campus
    • Loaner laptop for extended repairs
    • Replacement of the laptop if necessary
    • Laptop damage protection (some fees may apply)
    • Insurance program for stolen laptops (deductible fees apply)
    • Department-specific software
    • Software updates
    • High quality anti-virus and spyware protection
    • Senior laptop sale (offered only to WSU students at the time of graduation)