Technical Support Response Times

Definitions of Response Times:

Technical Support Center response times are set to provide a framework for service expectations.  Response times are used as a general measurement to see if we are meeting goals.  These response times should be considered as averages and actual response times may differ depending on the time of year or circumstances that develop within a short period of time.  Response times should not be used to determine if a single work order is successful or not in terms of customer service at the TSC.  TSC employees should use these response times as a goal to try to meet for clients requesting service.

   1. Initial Greeting – Work order is opened, clock starts ticking
   2. Initial Technician Contact – Tech contacts or leaves message for client
   3. Resolution Time – Problem is solved
   4. Total Resolution Time – The time that the IT department is no longer involved in the situation

Estimated Response Times (non-peak times)

1) Laptop Walk-in Support

   1. Initial Greeting: Immediate
   2. Initial Tech Contact:  5 minutes
           Automatic supervisor and team notification occurs if initial contact does not occur within 5 minutes.
   3. Total Resolution Time:  45 minutes
   4. Options presented after 45 minutes (swap, etc)

2) Call-Ins (Onsite)

   1. Initial Greeting:  15 seconds
   2. Initial Technician Contact within 4 business hours
   3. 4 Hours Non-Emergency
   4. ½ Hour Emergency
   5. 24 Hours for E-mail-ins
   6. Resolution Time:  48 hours
   7. Total Resolution Time:  48 hours

3) Phone Support

   1. Initial Greeting:  15 seconds
   2. Will be speaking with phone technician
   3. Resolution Time:  10 minutes or escalated
   4. Total Resolution:  20 minutes or work order placed in the appropriate queue


   Email response within 3 business hours

5) Printing Services

One business day
* Advanced planning is suggested for large quantities of printing or for large format printing.  In most situations
   these print jobs can be completed within 24 hours.

6) TSC Laminating Services

   1. One normal business day advanced notice is recommended for most laminating requests.  Some wait times may exist for walk-in services.

7) Classroom Support

   1. Service calls directly from a classroom receive priority support.  Technicians are dispatched immediately to assist with these issues.

8)  Digital Learning Center (DLC)

   1. 1:1 appointments – One normal business day advanced notice.  Walk-ins accepted if DLC STARS are available to help them at that time.
   2. Scheduled DLC workshops:  Up to the discretion of area lead person.
   3. Computer based on-line training:  Individuals request a key for access to the on-line learning modules.  Requests are one business day.

Updated:   7-13-11 df