General Software Requirements

Software Installation Requests

The desire for an application to be available at WSU should be submitted to the software testing team lead prior to any software purchases to ensure proper licensing, support, system requirements, security, and stability.  Requests for such software will be processed on a first-in-first-out basis.  Timeliness of the application greatly impacts the length of time required to research and develop a successful rollout plan.  It is highly recommended that all requests be brought to attention at least a month prior to the intended date of use.  Requests provided on short notice or during peak support times cannot be guaranteed expedited resources or an exact response date.  One month or more may be needed to fully test and implement some software packages. 

Each of the following criteria should be complete prior to the deployment of new software.

  1. Licensing Base with Support Structure
    • All software installed at WSU must be properly licensed according to the client base.  A copy of the purchase order or license agreement must be provided prior to installation.  Large and complex applications must also be accompanied by a software support agreement.  This support agreement must be kept active while the software is actively used at WSU.  All contact information must be provided on the General Software Request Form to establish vendor communication and technical support.
  2. Minimum System Requirements
    • Minimum system requirements must be met on the client computer.  The minimum client requirements include platform, operating system, CPU processing power, hard drive space needed and RAM (memory.)  Each of these client needs must be met prior to installation.  It is the responsibility of the department or association purchasing the software to provide any additional hardware needed to complete the software installation. 
  3. Test Phase
    • Once a software package has been approved and installed, a non-production test phase must be completed prior to client distribution.  The software must be proven to be “reasonably secure" and stable as well as providing the needed functionality.  All documentation will be organized, posted and archived at this time. 
  4. Rollout Phase
    • Applications fulfilling the above considerations qualify to be implemented and supported by Winona State University's Technical Support Center.  Distribution means and priority will be determined by the Technical Support Center manager after a report of steps 1-4 have been completed.  Priority will depend on the timeliness of the request and the resources required to properly deploy this application. 

Please complete the General Software Request Form, and email it to