STARS (Student Technology and Resource Specialists)

STARS (Student Technology and Resource Specialists)

STARS stands for Student Technology And Resource Specialists. These are students that work part time in the IT Department to provide technology based services for the students, faculty and staff of Winona State. There are approximately 100 students hired throughout the year as STARS. They will enjoy the benefits of on the job work experience that will make them more attractive to potential employers. 

Students are hired from all disciplines with an emphasis on computer technology. Students that qualify for Work Study can apply for Work Study positions, and for those that do not qualify for Work Study there are Student Help positions available. Since students are hired with all different experience levels, you do not necessarily have to have experience in any of the areas to apply, but previous experience is helpful.   Students that have good customer service skills can start at the TSC Front Desk and if they desire to learn more about laptops, they can move to other teams. Students that want the experience of teaching can apply for the e-Warrior Digital Learning Center Team. Students that like hands on type work can join the wiring team. There are also advanced positions that work with the network administrators or programmers.

Students work during normal business hours around their class schedule. When working around classes, a two hour minimum is required. Most students work 15-20 hours a week. Some of the work areas require a minimum of 15 hours a week. During the summer, some students have the option of working full-time.

We take applications year round and they are kept on file for one year. After one year, if you are still interested in employment in the STARS Program, please resubmit your application.  When an opening occurs it is posted on the Career Services Student2Work site.  Applications that are on file are looked through along with new applications and qualified candidates are called for interviews. It is best to update your application with a new class schedule each semester.

If you would like to submit your application please click on "STARS application - Online" under STARS Quicklinks on the right side of this page.