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C.L.A.S.P. Talks

CLASP is the Consortium of Liberal Arts and Science Promotion. The CLASP lecture series was initiated in 2004 and is intended to promote interdisciplinary discussion and exchange. CLASP presentations are aimed at a general audience of students, faculty and the community. 

All talks take place at 7pm in Stark 103.

2016-17 Speakers

Spring 2017

"Lights out: Preservation and Access Issues when Digital Projects Lose Funding"
Jan. 18 – H. Vernon Leighton

"The Digital Age in Bangladesh: Leapfrogging Culture and Ethics?"
Feb. 1 – Michael Bowler

"From Cursive to Digital: Learning From an On-Line Archive"
Feb. 15 – James W. Armstrong

"The Technology leap frog; Gaining access to Nursing Education Materials in Tanzania"
Mar. 1 – Mieca Valen & Lisa Schnepper

"Mapping in the Modern Age: How Interactive Digital Maps are Revolutionizing the Way We View Things"
Mar. 29 – Dylan Blumentritt

"Building Your Own World: Minecraft as a Creative Tool"
Apr. 12 – Melanie Reap

“Feminist Hashtags as a Bridge to Feminist ‘Pasts’”
Apr. 26 – Mary Jo Klinker