About the Library



Located less than a mile from the Mississippi River and in the center of the city of Winona, Minnesota, the Darrell W. Krueger Library is the library for Winona State University. As a resource for thWSU Library Entrancee greater southeastern Minnesota and WSU community, the library not only serves the WSU Academic community through its many resources, but also serves as a U.S. Government Depository.

Construction on the building was completed in 1999, and with the start of a new academic year on September 17, 1999, Winona State University celebrated the new library in a dedication ceremony. The library was named after WSU President Darrell W. Krueger on April 29, 2005, the year he retired. From 1999 until its naming, it was referred to simply as the "New Library," to distinguish it from Maxwell Hall, formerly the Maxwell Library, which was situated on the opposite side of campus. The library has three floors with over 220,000 book volumes, over a thousand print periodical titles, and access to over 50 online databases. It was built with the "Laptop University" in mind; it contains over 1,800 network ports and wireless access, and over ten high speed duplexing laser printers throughout the building.

As for technology, the library offers ten public terminals for internet access and free printing. It also offers ten computers for catalog and WSU database access to anyone in the library building. The Library's Information Gallery (IG), located on the first floor, has 42 high-end multimedia computer towers, both Macintosh and PC platforms are supported. The IG circulates laptops, power and network cords, webcams, media carts which include a wide screen TV and DVD/VCR, and other peripherals (for WSU students only). It also has six laptop workstations that include scanners and DVD burners.

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