Winona State University Krueger Library
Accessions List for December 2012


 Main Collection                                                                            
  Garland, Judy.  Judy Garland [sound recording] the definitive collection.     
  Prokofiev, Sergey.  Sergei Prokofiev piano sonatas [sound recording]          
    Klaviersonaten : sonatas pour piano.                                        
BF323.S63 F55 2008                                                              
  Fiske, Susan T.  Social cognition : from brains to culture.  1st ed.          
    Boston : McGraw-Hill Higher Education, c2008.                               
BF456.R2 B655 2011                                                              
  Burke, Michael.  Literary reading, cognition and emotion : an exploration of  
    the oceanic mind.  London : Routledge, 2011.                                
BF692.2 .S29 1986                                                               
  Sayers, Janet.  Sexual contradictions : psychology, psychoanalysis, and       
    feminism.  London ; New York : Tavistock Publications, 1986.                
BF723.T9 S436 2012                                                              
  Segal, Nancy L.  Born together--reared apart : the landmark Minnesota twin    
    study.  Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, c2012.                 
BT660.Q48 S25 2000                                                              
  Salazar Medina, Richard.  El santuario de la Virgen de el Quinche :           
    peregrinacion en un espacio sagrado milenario.  Quito : Ediciones ABYA-     
    YALA, 2000.                                                                 
D208 .A76 2007                                                                  
  The Atlantic in global history, 1500-2000.  Upper Saddle River, N.J. :        
    Pearson Prentice Hall, c2007.                                               
D228 .M36 2011                                                                  
  Mann, Charles C.  1493 : uncovering the new world Columbus created.  1st ed.  
    New York : Knopf, 2011.                                                     
D804.G42 N87 1997                                                               
  The Nuremberg war crimes trial, 1945-46 : a documentary history.  Boston :    
    Bedford Books, c1997.                                                       
D805.U5 B83 1998                                                                
  Buck, Anita.  Behind barbed wire : German prisoner of war camps in Minnesota. 
    St. Cloud, Minn. : North Star Press, c1998.                                 
D1060 .W45 2007                                                                 
  Wells, Sherrill Brown.  Pioneers of European integration and peace, 1945-     
    1963 : a brief history with documents.  Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's,      
DD256.5 .N494 2012                                                              
  New images of Nazi Germany : a photographic collection.  Jefferson, N.C. :    
    McFarland & Co., c2012.                                                     
DK254.L4 B76 2007                                                               
  Brooks, Jeffrey.  Lenin and the making of the Soviet state : a brief history  
    with documents.  Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's, c2007.                      
DK509.33 .C36 2012                                                              
  Cash, Jennifer R.  Villages on stage : folklore and nationalism in the        
    Republic of Moldova.  Berlin : Lit ; London : Global [distributor], 2012.   
DR43 .G58 2012                                                                  
  Glenny, Misha.  The Balkans, 1804-2011 : nationalism, war, and the great      
    powers, 1804-2011.  Updated ed.  New York : Penguin Books, 2012.            
DS79.76 .G46 2008                                                               
  Generation kill [videorecording].  [United States] : Home Box Office ;        
    Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video [distributor, 2008]                         
DT155.2.A68 P47                                                                 
  Perner, Conradin.  Living on earth in the sky : the Anyuak : an analytic      
    account of the history and the culture of a Nilotic people.  Basle :        
    Helbing & Lichtenhahn, 1994- <2011>.                                        
E175.5.Z56 D83 2012                                                             
  Duberman, Martin B.  Howard Zinn : a life on the left.  New York : New        
    Press : Distributed by Perseus Distribution, 2012.                          
E181 .C49 2012                                                                  
  Chambers, Thomas A.  Memories of war : visiting battlegrounds and bonefields  
    in the early American republic.  Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 2012.   
E184.A1 W397 1997                                                               
  White trash : race and class in America.  New York : Routledge, 1997.         
E184.M5 M536 2012                                                               
  Mexico and Mexicans in the making of the United States.  Austin : University  
    of Texas Press, c2012.                                                      
E332.2 .W54 2012                                                                
  Wiencek, Henry.  Master of the mountain : Thomas Jefferson and his slaves.    
    1st ed.  New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012.                        
E415.9.D73 Q58 2012                                                             
  Quitt, Martin H.  Stephen A. Douglas and Antebellum democracy.  New York :    
    Cambridge University Press, 2012.                                           
E883.B87 A3 1994                                                                
  Bush, Barbara.  Barbara Bush : a memoir.  New York : Scribner's Sons, c1994.  
F593 .S48 2008                                                                  
  Seven months to Oregon : 1853 diaries, letters and reminiscent accounts.      
    Tooele, Utah : Patrice Press, c2008.                                        
F615.F45 P458 2000                                                              
  Pelto, Matti Hallila.  Ready to descend : a Minnesota iron miner in the       
    underground, 1908-1913.  New Brighton, Minn. : Sampo Pub., c2000.           
F1234 .S53 1997                                                                 
  Sherman, John W.  The Mexican right : the end of revolutionary reform, 1929-  
    1940.  Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 1997.                                     
F1326 .L32 2003                                                                 
  LaFrance, David G.  Revolution in Mexico's heartland : politics, war, and     
    state building in Puebla, 1913-1920.  Wilmington, Del. : SR Books, 2003.    
F1408.3 .E87413 2010                                                            
  Espejo enterrado. English.  The buried mirror [videorecording] reflections    
    on Spain and the new world.  English version.  Pacific Palisades, Calif. :  
    Microangelo Educational Media, [2010]                                       
F1410 .D63 2011                                                                 
  Documenting Latin America.  Boston : Prentice Hall, c2011.                    
F1439.5 .L45 2012                                                               
  Lehoucq, Fabrice Edouard.  The politics of modern Central America : civil     
    war, democratization, and underdevelopment.  New York : Cambridge           
    University Press, 2012.                                                     
F1776.3.S65 C39 2012                                                            
  Caviar with rum : Cuba-USSR and the post-Soviet experience.  1st ed.  New     
    York : Palgrave Macmillan, c2012.                                           
F1788 .G755 2012                                                                
  Guerra, Lillian.  Visions of power in Cuba : revolution, redemption, and      
    resistance, 1959-1971.  Chapel Hill, NC : University of North Carolina      
    Press, c2012.                                                               
F2230.1.R3 C534 2010                                                            
  Charles, John.  Allies at odds : the Andean church and its indigenous agents, 
    1583-1671.  Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press, c2010.            
F2659.N4 S74 2012                                                               
  Sterling, Cheryl.  African roots, Brazilian rites : cultural and national     
    identity in Brazil.  New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.                   
F2848 .N315 2012                                                                
  Nallim, Jorge.  Transformations and crisis of liberalism in Argentina, 1930-  
    1955.  Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press, c2012.             
F3001.3 .J64 2011                                                               
  Johnson, Lyman L.  Workshop of revolution : plebeian Buenos Aires and the     
    Atlantic world, 1776-1810.  Durham : Duke University Press, 2011.           
F3429.3.G6 O9 2012                                                              
  O'Toole, Rachel Sarah.  Bound lives : Africans, Indians, and the making of    
    race in colonial Peru.  Pittsburgh : University of Pittsburgh Press, c2012. 
F3429.3.R3 R3613 2010                                                           
  Ramos, Gabriela.  Death and conversion in the Andes : Lima and Cuzco, 1532-   
    1670.  Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, c2010.            
F3429.3.R3 V3513 2011                                                           
  Valera, Blas.  Gods of the Andes : an early Jesuit account of Inca religion   
    and Andean Christianity.  University Park : Pennsylvania State University   
    Press, c2011.                                                               
F3429.3.S6 F5813 2010                                                           
  Flores Galindo, Alberto.  In search of an Inca : identity and utopia in the   
    Andes.  New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.                        
F3451.A9 H45 2010                                                               
  Heilman, Jaymie Patricia.  Before the Shining Path : politics in rural        
    Ayacucho, 1895-1980.  Stanford, Calif. : Stanford University Press, c2010.  
F3721.1.S28 C67 2010                                                            
  Corr, Rachel.  Ritual and remembrance in the Ecuadorian Andes.  Tucson :      
    University of Arizona Press, c2010.                                         
F3721.3.P74 B43 2011                                                            
  Becker, Marc.  Pachakutik : indigenous movements and electoral politics in    
    Ecuador.  Updated ed.  Lanham, Md. ; Toronto : Rowman & Littlefield         
    Publishers, 2012, c2011.                                                    
F3731 .E37 2008                                                                 
  The Ecuador reader : history, culture, politics.  Durham : Duke University    
    Press, 2008.                                                                
F3781.3 .C37 2011                                                               
  Capello, Ernesto.  City at the center of the world : space, history, and      
    modernity in Quito.  Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh Press,      
G156.5.M36 D57 2011                                                             
  Disappearing destinations : climate change and future challenges for coastal  
    tourism.  Wallingford, Oxfordshire ; Cambridge, MA : CABI, c2011.           
G156.5.S87 I85 2011                                                             
  Island tourism : sustainable perspectives.  Wallingford, Oxfordshire ;        
    Cambridge, MA : CABI, c2011.                                                
GN471.4 .T336 2004                                                              
  Taboo. Season 1.  Taboo. The complete first season [videorecording].          
    [Burbank, Calif.] : Warner Home Video, c2004.                               
GN471.4 .T3365 2005                                                             
  Taboo. Season 2.  Taboo [videorecording] the complete second season.          
    Burbank, Calif. : Warner Home Video, [2005]                                 
GN799.R4 K56 2007                                                               
  King, Barbara J.  Evolving God : a provocative view of the origins of         
    religion.  1st ed.  New York : Doubleday, c2007.                            
GV14.5 .M64 2011                                                                
  Mitra, Ananda.  Needs assessment : a systematic approach to data collection.  
    Urbana : Sagamore Publishing, c2011.                                        
GV53 .K4 2012                                                                   
  Kelly, John R. author.  Leisure.  4th edition.  Urbana, Illinois : Sagamore   
    Publishing LLC, [2012].                                                     
GV711.5 .E89 2012                                                               
  CSCS study package with multimedia CDs [kit].  Lincoln, Neb. : National       
    Strength and Conditioning Association Certification Commissiom, 2012.       
HB171 .W54 2010                                                                 
  Wheelan, Charles J.  Naked economics : undressing the dismal science.  Fully  
    rev. and updated.  New York : W. W. Norton, c2010.                          
HB3717 2008 .I63 2013                                                           
  The intellectual origins of the global financial crisis.  1st ed.  New        
    York : Fordham University Press, 2013.                                      
HB3717 2008 .Y36 2012                                                           
  Yang, Mu.  Global financial crisis and challenges for China.  Hackensack,     
    NJ : World Scientific Pub., 2012.                                           
HC79.E5 E289 2009                                                               
  Ecosee : image, rhetoric, nature.  Albany : SUNY Press, c2009.                
HC106.84 .N675 2012                                                             
  Norquist, Grover Glenn.  Debacle : Obama's war on jobs and growth and what    
    we can do now to regain our future.  Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley, c2012.     
HC137.C47 B46 1989                                                              
  Benjamin, Thomas.  A rich land, a poor people : politics and society in       
    modern Chiapas.  1st ed.  Albuquerque : University of New Mexico Press,     
HD30.213 .M335 2008                                                             
  Maguire, D. J.  The business benefits of GIS : an ROI approach.  1st ed.      
    Redlands, Calif. : ESRI Press, 2008.                                        
HD57.7 .K665 1999                                                               
  Kotter, John P.  John P. Kotter on what leaders really do.  Boston : Harvard  
    Business School Press, c1999.                                               
HD57.7 .W3355 2010                                                              
  Wakeman, Cy.  Reality-based leadership : ditch the drama, restore sanity to   
    the workplace, and turn excuses into results.  1st ed.  San Francisco,      
    CA : Jossey-Bass, c2010.                                                    
HD58.8 .T885 2002                                                               
  Tushman, Michael.  Winning through innovation : a practical guide to leading  
    organizational change and renewal.  [Rev. ed.].  Boston, Mass. : Harvard    
    Business School Press, c2002.                                               
HD69.S8 G53 2009                                                                
  Gibbs, Richard.  Strategic alliances & marketing partnerships : gaining       
    competitive advantage through collaboration and partnering.  London ;       
    Philadelphia : Kogan Page, 2009.                                            
HD5325.M7952 1934.M56 2009                                                      
  Minneapolis truckers make history [videorecording].  Minneapolis, MN : Labor  
    Education Service, University of Minnesota, c2009.                          
HD6095 .H34 1988                                                                
  Hard-hatted women : stories of struggle and success in the trades.  1st ed.   
    Seattle : Seal Press, c1988.                                                
HD8346 .D75 2011                                                                
  Drinot, Paulo.  The allure of labor : workers, race, and the making of the    
    Peruvian state.  Durham : Duke University Press, 2011.                      
HD8420.5 .P58 2012                                                              
  Pittaway, Mark.  The workers' state : industrial labor and the making of      
    socialist Hungary, 1944-1958.  Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of Pittsburgh   
    Press, 2012.                                                                
HD9019.C63 R36513 2011                                                          
  Ramirez, Maria Clemencia.  Between the guerrillas and the state : the         
    cocalero movement, citizenship, and identity in the Colombian Amazon.       
    Durham [N.C.] : Duke University Press, 2011.                                
HD9213.C72 R67 2012                                                             
  Rosenthal, Joshua M.  Salt and the Colombian state : local society and        
    regional monopoly in Boyaca, 1821-1900.  Pittsburgh, Pa. : University of    
    Pittsburgh Press, c2012.                                                    
HD9697.A3 U584 2003                                                             
  Welch, Jack.  Jack : straight from the gut.  New York : Warner Books, 2003.   
HE5620.A24 O43 2010                                                             
  Old people driving [videorecording] [a film about the end of the road].       
    [Berkeley, Calif. : UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism] ; [United    
    States] : [Distributed by] New Day Films, c2010.                            
HF5381.7 .C68 2009                                                              
  A counselor's guide to career assessment instruments / edited by Edwin A.     
    Whitfield, Rich W. Feller, Chris Wood.  5th ed.  Broken Arrow, Okla. :      
    National Career Development Association, c2009.                             
HF5415.1255 .P66 2013                                                           
  Pont, Simon.  The better mousetrap : brand invention in a media democracy.    
    London ; Philadelphia, PA : Kogan Page, c2013.                              
HF5415.129 .D46 2011                                                            
  Dent, Julian.  Distribution channels : understanding and managing channels    
    to market.  2nd ed.  London ; Philadelphia, PA : Kogan Page, c2011.         
HF5415.153 .C34 2013                                                            
  Cagan, Jonathan.  Creating breakthrough products : revealing the secrets      
    that drive global innovation.  2nd ed.  Upper Saddle River, N.J. : FT       
    Press, c2013.                                                               
HF5415.32 .O547 2012                                                            
  Online consumer behavior : theory and research in social media, advertising,  
    and e-tail.  New York : Routledge, 2012.                                    
HF5415.5 .B36823 2009                                                           
  Barnes, Cindy.  Creating & delivering your value proposition : managing       
    customer experience for profit.  London ; Philadelphia : Kogan Page, 2009.  
HF5415.55 .P33 2012                                                             
  Padua, Donatella.  Trust, social relations and engagement : understanding     
    customer behaviour on the Web.  Basingstoke, Hampshire : Palgrave           
    Macmillan, 2012.                                                            
HF5548.4.M523 S567 2011                                                         
  Smart, Mike.  Learn Excel 2010 essential skills with the Smart method.        
    Douglas, [Isle of Man] : Smart Method Ltd., 2011.                           
HF5548.4.M523 S568 2011                                                         
  Smart, Mike.  Learn Excel 2010 expert skills with the Smart method.  1st ed.  
    Douglas, [Isle of Man] : Smart Method Ltd., 2011.                           
HF5823 .T88 2012                                                                
  Tuten, Tracy L.  Advertisers at work.  [New York] : Apress : Distributed by   
    Springer Science+Business Media, c2012.                                     
HG1573 .B368 2013                                                               
  Banking systems in the crisis : the faces of liberal capitalism.  New York :  
    Routledge, 2013.                                                            
HG3881.5.I58 I58 2010                                                           
  The interconnected world [videorecording].  New York, N.Y. : Films for the    
    Humanities & Sciences, c2011.                                               
HG4521 .S3578 2012                                                              
  Schultze, George J., author.  The art of vulture investing : adventures in    
    distressed securities management.  Hoboken, New Jersey : Wiley, [2012],     
HM1231 .J68 2012                                                                
  Jowett, Garth.  Propaganda & persuasion.  5th ed.  Thousand Oaks, Calif. :    
    SAGE, c2012.                                                                
HQ755.8 .K346 2012                                                              
  Kane, Emily W.  The gender trap : parents and the pitfalls of raising boys    
    and girls.  New York, NY : New York University, c2012.                      
HQ1061 .P684 2012                                                               
  Powell, Jason L.  Social welfare, aging, and social theory.  Lanham, MD :     
    Lexington Books, c2012.                                                     
HQ1075 .C34 2011                                                                
  Cahill, Ann J.  Overcoming objectification : a carnal ethics.  New York :     
    Routledge, 2011 , 2012.                                                     
HQ1121 .H47 1995                                                                
  Herstory : women who changed the world.  New York : Viking, 1995.             
HQ1236.5.U6 A34 1992                                                            
  Against the tide : pro-feminist men in the United States, 1776-1990 : a       
    documentary history.  Boston : Beacon Press, c1992.                         
HQ1560.Q58 B53 2010                                                             
  Black, Chad T.  The limits of gender domination : women, the law, and         
    political crisis in Quito, 1765-1830.  Albuquerque : University of New      
    Mexico Press, 2010.                                                         
HT815.E852 C47 2012                                                             
  Cerman, Markus.  Villagers and lords in Eastern Europe, 1300-1800.            
    Basingstoke ; New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.                      
HV5840.M4 G75 2011                                                              
  Grillo, Ioan.  El Narco : inside Mexico's criminal insurgency.  1st U.S. ed.  
    New York : Bloomsbury Press, c2011.                                         
HV8073 .M333 2012                                                               
  McDevitt, Daniel S.  Managing the investigative unit.  2nd ed.  Springfield,  
    Ill. : Charles C Thomas, 2012.                                              
JC574 .C68 2010                                                                 
  Couldry, Nick.  Why voice matters : culture and politics after neoliberalism. 
    Los Angeles ; London : SAGE, 2010.                                          
JZ1305 .H39 2012                                                                
  Hayden, Craig.  The rhetoric of soft power : public diplomacy in global       
    contexts.  Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.                            
KF3985 .H76 2011                                                                
  Spengler, John O.  Legal liability in recreation, sports, and tourism.  4th   
    ed.  Urbana, IL : Sagamore Pub., c2011.                                     
KF4772 .F728 2011                                                               
  Fraleigh, Douglas.  Freedom of expression in the marketplace of ideas.  Los   
    Angeles, Calif. : Sage Publications, c2011.                                 
LB1028.5 .V26 2011                                                              
  Vander Ark, Tom.  Getting smart : how digital learning is changing the world. 
    1st ed.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2011.                                
LB1031 .T66 2000                                                                
  Tomlinson, Carol A.  Leadership for differentiating schools & classrooms.     
    Alexandria, Va. : Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development,   
LB1050 .W438 2006                                                               
  Wiener, Harvey S.  Reading skills handbook.  9th ed.  New York : Pearson      
    Education, c2006.                                                           
LB1620 .F46 2012                                                                
  Finn, Chester E., Jr., author.  Exam schools : inside America's most          
    selective public high schools.  Princeton : Princeton University Press,     
LB1778.2 .T6 1997 v.16                                                          
  To improve the academy. Vol. 16 : resources for student, faculty, &           
    institutional development.  Stillwater, OK : New Forums Press :             
    Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education,    
LB1778.2 .T6 1998 v.17                                                          
  To improve the academy. Vol. 17 : resources for student, faculty, &           
    institutional development.  Stillwater, OK : New Forums Press :             
    Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education,    
LB2341 .G496 2011                                                               
  Ginsberg, Benjamin.  The fall of the faculty : the rise of the all-           
    administrative university and why it matters.  Oxford ; New York : Oxford   
    University Press, c2011.                                                    
LB2341 .R32 1998                                                                
  Ramsden, Paul.  Learning to lead in higher education.  London ; New York :    
    Routledge, 1998.                                                            
LB2805 .L82 2012                                                                
  Lunenburg, Frederick C.  Educational administration : concepts and practices. 
    6th ed.  Belmont, CA : Wadsworth, 2012.                                     
LB2805 .W315 2006                                                               
  Wagner, Tony.  Change leadership : a practical guide to transforming our      
    schools.  1st ed.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2006.                      
LC149 .E6 2009                                                                  
  Engaging audience : writing in an age of new literacies.  Urbana, Ill. :      
    National Council of Teachers of English, c2009.                             
LC1072.I58 G69 2012                                                             
  Gower, Ryan K. author.  Making the most of your internship : a strategic      
    approach.  Urbana, IL : Sagamore Publishing, [2012], 2012.                  
LC4704 .L35 2005                                                                
  Learning disabilities and social skills [videorecording] last one picked--    
    first one picked on : [learning disabilities and social skills].  Full      
    screen version.  Washington, D.C. : WETA ; Alexandria, Va. : PBS Video      
    [distributor], 2005, c1994.                                                 
M1366.C539 B66 2011                                                             
  Clayton, Gerald.  Bond [sound recording] the Paris sessions.  [England] :     
    EmArcy, [2011], p2010.                                                      
M1366.H37 T55 2011                                                              
  Harrison, Donald.  This is jazz [sound recording].  [New York] : Half Note,   
M1611.C29 C43                                                                   
  Canteloube, Joseph.  Chants d'Auvergne [sound recording] = Songs of the       
    Auvergne.  [Paris] : Erato, p2002.                                          
M1630.O73 L66 2006                                                              
  Orbison, Roy.  Roy Orbison sings lonely and blue [sound recording].  New      
    York : Monument Records/Legacy, p2006.                                      
M1630.18.B46 D84 2011 v.2                                                       
  Bennett, Tony.  Duets. II [sound recording].  New York, NY : RPM Records/     
    Columbia, p2011.                                                            
M1630.18.G33 S6 2002                                                            
  Gabriel, Peter.  So [sound recording].  Santa Monica, CA : Geffen :           
    Universal Music & Video Distribution, p2002.                                
M1630.18.K56 T26 1999                                                           
  King, Carole.  Tapestry [sound recording].  New York, NY : Ode/Epic/Legacy,   
M1630.18.M66 M66 2011                                                           
  Monkees (Musical group).  The Monkees [sound recording].  Burbank, CA :       
    Rhino, p2011.                                                               
M1630.18.M675 S46 2003                                                          
  Motley Crue (Musical group).  Shout at the Devil [sound recording].  New      
    York : Motley Records/Hip-O, p2003.                                         
N7349.A5 A4 2012                                                                
  Ai weiwei [videorecording] never sorry.  Widescreen.  [United States] : MPI   
    Media Group ; New York, NY : Sundance Selects, 2012.                        
NA5413 .B35 2010                                                                
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    churches of colonial Peru.  Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame     
    Press, c2010.                                                               
P53.75 .G73 2009                                                                
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    practice.  New York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.                     
P94.5.W65 R84 2012                                                              
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    Lanham, Md. : Lexington Books, c2012.                                       
P94.65.A45 R37 2012                                                             
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    Andes.  Durham, NC : Duke University Press, 2012.                           
P94.7 .H93 2012                                                                 
  Hyde, Michael J.  Openings : acknowledging essential moments in human         
    communication.  Waco, Tex. : Baylor University Press, c2012.                
P96.A56 S86 2013                                                                
  Sumiala, Johanna.  Media and ritual : death, community, and everyday life.    
    Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2013.                                
PE1404 .D387 2000                                                               
  Deans, Thomas.  Writing partnerships : service-learning in composition.       
    Urbana, Ill. : National Council of Teachers of English, c2000.              
PE1404 .E27 2001                                                                
  Ecocomposition : theoretical and pedagogical approaches.  Albany : State      
    University of New York Press, 2001.                                         
PE1404 .O93 2001                                                                
  Owens, Derek.  Composition and sustainability : teaching for a threatened     
    generation.  Urbana, Ill. : National Council of Teachers of English, c2001. 
PE1404 .S824 1997                                                               
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    and learning at the college level.  Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum         
    Associates, 1997.                                                           
PE1404 .W69444 2006                                                             
  The writing center director's resource book.  Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence         
    Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, 2006.                                       
PE1408 .W5643 2010                                                              
  What is "college-level writing"?. Volume 2 : assignments, readings, and       
    student writing samples.  Urbana, Ill. : National Council of Teachers of    
    English, c2010.                                                             
PE1421 .L297 2007                                                               
  Lanham, Richard A.  Revising prose.  5th ed.  New York : Pearson Longman,     
PN56.P93 R45 2009                                                               
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    University Press, c2008.                                                    
PN145 .W754 2005                                                                
  Writing environments.  Albany : State University of New York Press, c2005.    
PN1707 .A335 2012                                                               
  Adler, Stella.  Stella Adler on America's master playwrights : Eugene         
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    Alfred A. Knopf, 2012.                                                      
PN1995.9.D4 M358474 2006 DVD                                                    
  The Maltese falcon [videorecording].  Three-disc special ed. ; standard       
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