Winona State University - Krueger Library
New Books and Resources for October 2012                                                                         
Main Collection
  Principles of Business Forcasting + Crystal Ball Pro 2000.  South-Western     
    Pub 2012.                                                                   
BF721 .N49 no.137                                                               
  Applications of dialogical self theory.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2012.  
BF723.A4 .G85 2007                                                              
  Guild, Kathie.  How to stop before you pop : an anger-management program for  
    grades 3-5.  Warminster, PA : Mar*co Products, c2007.                       
  Barrett, Terry.  Criticizing art : understanding the contemporary.  3rd ed.   
    New York, NY : McGraw-Hill, 2012.                                           
DT159.94 .W66 2011                                                              
  Wondu, Steven.  From bush to Bush : journey to liberty in South Sudan.        
    Nairobi, Kenya : Kenway Publications, 2011.                                 
E184.A1 M58 2006                                                                
  Mirrors of privilege [videorecording] making whiteness visible.  Oakland,     
    CA : World Trust Educational Services : Distributed by World Trust, c2006.  
GV706.5 .M46 2007                                                               
  Messner, Michael A.  Out of play : critical essays on gender and sport.       
    Albany : State University of New York Press, c2007.                         
HN981.C6 H85 2011                                                               
  Human centered design : toolkit.  2nd ed.  [S.l.] : IDEO, c2011.              
HQ35.2 .B65 2008                                                                
  Bogle, Kathleen A.  Hooking up : sex, dating, and relationships on campus.    
    New York : New York University Press, c2008.                                
HQ799.G7 T433 2012                                                              
  Tebbutt, Melanie.  Being boys : youth, leisure and identity in the inter-war  
    years.  Manchester ; New York : Manchester University Press, 2012.          
HQ1236.5.D44 K75 2012                                                           
  Half the sky [videorecording] turning oppression into opportunity for women   
    worldwide.  [United States] : Docurama Films, [2012]                        
HV6768 .N54 2011eb                                                              
  Nigrini, Mark J.  Forensic analytics [electronic resource] methods and        
    techniques for forensic accounting investigations.  Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley,  
JC423 .C71962 2012                                                              
  Countries at the crossroads : an analysis of democratic governance.  New      
    York : Freedom House ; Lanham, MD : Rowman and Littlefield, c2012.          
LB3409.U5 S36 2012                                                              
  School-based health care : advancing educational success and public health.   
    Washington, DC : APHA Press, c2012.                                         
LC220.5 .C37 2012                                                               
  Carter, Carol.  Keys to service learning.  London : Pearson, 2012.            
LC4818.38 .S78 2012                                                             
  Study skills for students with dyslexia.  2nd ed.  London ; Thousand Oaks,    
    CA : SAGE, 2012.                                                            
LC5251 .M43                                                                     
  Meeting educational needs of young adults.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass,      
PL8047.3.A574 P4 1990                                                           
  Perner, Conradin.  Anyuak : a Luo-language of the Southern Sudan : short      
    grammar and dictionary.  New Haven, Conn., U.S.A. : Human Relations Area    
    Files, 1990.                                                                
PN56.M54 J67 2011                                                               
  Josipovici, Gabriel.  What ever happened to modernism?  New Haven, Conn. ;    
    London : Yale University Press, 2011.                                       
PN175 .S15 2009                                                                 
  The SAGE handbook of rhetorical studies.  Los Angeles, Calif. : SAGE, c2009.  
PN1995.9.C55 M8 2000                                                            
  Modern times [videorecording].  Beverly Hills, CA : CBS Fox Video : Image     
    Entertainment [distributor], [2000]                                         
PN1995.9.I48 M57 2003 DVD                                                       
  Mission (Motion picture : 1986). French & English.  The mission               
    [videorecording].  Two-disc special ed.  Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video,   
PN1997.A23 H375                                                                 
  Harold and Maude [videorecording].  Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Pictures,   
PS3573.R5327 E57 2010                                                           
  Wright, Franz.  Entries of the cell.  Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. : Marick     
    Press, [2010].                                                              
QA76.76.C672 D56 2011                                                           
  DiMarzio, Jerome.  Practical Android 4 Games Development.  [s.l.] : Apress,   
QL645.6 .A45 2010                                                               
  Alexander, David.  Hop into action : the amphibian curriculum guide for       
    grades K-4.  Arlington, Va. : National Science Teachers Association, c2010. 
QP376 .S43 2001                                                                 
  The secret life of the brain [videorecording].  [Alexandria, Va.?] : PBS      
    Home Video, c2001.                                                          
RA410 .B46 2011                                                                 
  Benz, Michel.  Examining the relationship between literacy level and          
    healthcare accessibility among underserved populations of a free community  
    clinic within an adult and family literacy center in the upper Midwest.     
RA781.63 .J64 2012                                                              
  Johnson, Jane.  Therapeutic stretching.  Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics,      
RC280.O8 B46 2010                                                               
  Benike, Deborah.  Fear of Recurrence, Spirituality, and Social Adjustment in  
    Women with Recurrent Ovarian Cancer: a Secondary Study.  2010.              
RC537 .S36 2011                                                                 
  Schoff, Megan.  Developing an evidence based intervention to treat            
    depression among Mexican American migrant farmworkers using problem         
    solving treatment in primary care.  2011.                                   
RC669.7 .B556 2011                                                              
  Bjorkley-Campbell, Kerri L.  Hydration status among elderly with dual         
    cardiovascular and psychiatric diagnoses.  2011.                            
RC777.6 .B45 2011                                                               
  Bakker, Kaitlin E.  The Religious sisters' study: describing differences in   
    perceptions of physical health, physical functioning, and general health.   
RC930 .B65 2011                                                                 
  Bologna, Sarah J.  Intentions toward bone health-promoting physical activity  
    in overweight and healthy weight women after bone density testing.  2011.   
RT82 .B56 2011                                                                  
  Bina, Jamey S.  Decisional involvement : actual and preferred involvement in  
    decision-making among registered nurses.  2011.                             
RT120.C45 L37 2011                                                              
  Larsen, Angela.  Secondary analysis: investigating the relationships between  
    vulnerability, caring strategies, and family functioning among family       
    members managing chronic illness.  2011.                                    
RT120.C45 W67 2011                                                              
  Worden, Wendy R.  Family uncertainty, struggling, and connecting : managing   
    chronic illness.  2011.                                                     
RZ403.R45 B75 2011                                                              
  Briese, Lora.  The effect of Healing Touch on health-related quality of life  
    in women with breast cancer receiving radiation therapy.  2011.             
SB349 .E78 2012                                                                 
  Estabrook, Barry.  Tomatoland : how modern industrial agriculture destroyed   
    our most alluring fruit.  Kansas City : Andrews McMeel Publishing, c2012.   
TA418.9.N35 G76 2012                                                            
  Grossiord, Nadia.  Polymer carbon nanotube composites : the polymer latex     
    concept.  Singapore : Pan Stanford, c2012.                                  
TL789.8.U6 S662 2012                                                            
  United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.  Celebrating    
    30 years of the space shuttle program.  [Washington, D.C.? : National       
    Aeronautics and Space Administration, 2012]                                 
Reference Collection 
BF575.J4 H36 2010                                                               
  Handbook of jealousy : theory, research, and multidisciplinary approaches.    
    Chichester, U.K. ; Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.                      
D521 .C5835 2012                                                                
  A companion to World War I.  Chichester, U.K. ; Malden, Mass. : Wiley-        
    Blackwell, 2012.                                                            
HD4885.U5 F37 2009                                                              
  Farr, J. Michael.  200 best jobs through apprenticeships.  2nd ed.            
    Indianapolis, IN : JIST Pub., c2009.                                        
HD9502.A2 R68 2011                                                              
  The Routledge handbook of energy security.  London ; New York : Routledge,    
HF1042 .N678 2012                                                               
  North American industry classification system : United States, 2012.  Lanham, 
    Md. : Bernan ; Alexandria, Va. : National Technical Information Service,    
HF5381 .F4563 2009                                                              
  Farr, J. Michael.  200 best jobs for college graduates.  4th ed.              
    Indianapolis, IN : JIST Works, c2009.                                       
HF5382.5.U5 A59 2008                                                            
  150 best jobs for a better world.  Indianapolis, IN : JIST Pub., c2008.       
HF5382.5.U5 S4633 2012                                                          
  Shatkin, Laurence.  150 best jobs for a secure future.  St. Paul, Minn. :     
    Jist Works c2012.                                                           
HF5621 .G73 2012                                                                
  Accountants' handbook.  12th ed.  Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley ; Chichester : John   
    Wiley [distributor], 2012.                                                  
HM741 .S34 2011                                                                 
  The SAGE handbook of social network analysis.  London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. 
    : SAGE, 2011, c2011.                                                        
HQ784.M3 I58 2008                                                               
  The international handbook of children, media and culture.  Los Angeles :     
    SAGE, 2008.                                                                 
HQ1127 .C637 2012                                                               
  A companion to women in the ancient world.  Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell,     
HV40.35 .H36 2012                                                               
  Handbook of international social work : human rights, development, and the    
    global profession.  New York, NY : Oxford University Press, c2012.          
HV1568.2 .R68 2012                                                              
  Routledge handbook of disability studies.  New York : Routledge, 2012.        
HV6025 .R677 2012                                                               
  Routledge handbook of critical criminology.  Abingdon, Oxon ; New York :      
    Routledge, 2012.                                                            
JK716 .S48 2012                                                                 
  Shatkin, Laurence.  150 best federal jobs.  Indianapolis, IN : JIST Works,    
JL960 .R68 2012                                                                 
  Routledge handbook of Latin American politics.  New York : Routledge, 2012.   
KF8858 .C48 2012                                                                
  Chemerinsky, Erwin.  Federal jurisdiction.  6th ed.  New York : Wolters       
    Kluwer Law & Business, c2012.                                               
LC5803.C65 H36 2008                                                             
  Handbook of distance learning for real-time and asynchronous information      
    technology education.  Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2008.  
P53.28 .H365 2009                                                               
  Handbook of research on e-learning methodologies for language acquisition.    
    Hershey : Information Science Reference, c2009.                             
PN4096 .H36 2010                                                                
  The handbook of rhetoric and public address.  Chichester, West Sussex, U.K.;  
    Malden, MA : Wiley-Blackwell, 2010.                                         
QC47 .G7 2012                                                                   
  2012 graduate programs in physics, astronomy, and related fields.  Woodbury,  
    N.Y. : American Institute of Physics ; London : Springer [distributor],     
RC86.7 .M367 2010                                                               
  Marik, Paul Ellis.  Handbook of evidence-based critical care.  2nd ed.  New   
    York : Springer, c2010.                                                     
RC467.95 .H36 2012                                                              
  Handbook of evidence-based practice in clinical psychology.  Hoboken, N.J. :  
    John Wiley & Sons, c2012.                                                   
RM736.7 .P667 2006                                                              
  Porter, Heather R.  Recreational therapy handbook of practice : ICF- based    
    diagnosis and treatment.  Enumclaw, WA : Idyll Arbor, 2006.                 
RT89 .N7943 2012                                                                
  Nursing leadership : a concise encyclopedia.  2nd ed.  New York : Springer,   
T58.5 .I556 2012                                                                
  Information technology jobs in America 2012 : corporate & government career   
    guide : why you want one, where they are, how to get one.  New York, N.Y.:  
    Info Tech Employment, c2012.                                                
TJ163.16 .C657 2009                                                             
  Concise encyclopedia of history of energy.  1st ed.  San Diego, Calif. :      
    Elsevier, 2009.                                                             
Audiovisual Resources                                                                
HF5549.5 .D                                                                     
  Discrimination at work [videorecording] introduction and case study.          
    Bromley : TV Choice Ltd., 2012.                                             
LC4818.38 .S78 2012                                                             
  Study skills for students with dyslexia.  2nd ed.  London ; Thousand Oaks,    
    CA : SAGE, 2012.
N6512 .A6685 2012                                                               
  Art:21 (Television program). Season 6.  Art:21 [videorecording] art in the    
    twenty-first century. Season six.  [United States] : PBS Distribution,      
PN1995.9.D4 H655996635363 2007                                                  
  Hollywoodland [videorecording].  Widescreen [ed.].  [New York, NY] : Focus    
    Features ; Universal City, CA : Distributed by Universal Studios Home       
    Entertainment, 2007.                                                        
PN1995.9.S87 D68354 2006                                                        
  Double indemnity (Motion picture).  Double indemnity [videorecording].  2-    
    disc special ed.  Universal City, CA : Universal Studios Home               
    Entertainment, [2006]                                                       
PN1997 .B175 2002                                                               
  Bad and the beautiful (Motion picture).  The bad and the beautiful            
    [videorecording].  Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, [2002]                  
PN1997.85 .B373 2001b                                                           
  Basic instinct [videorecording].  Special ed. ; widescreen version.  Santa    
    Monica, Calif. : Artisan Home Entertainment, 2001, c1992.                   
Curriculum Collection                                                                   
  Earth & space : iScience.  Columbus, OH : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c2012.         
  Life: iScience.  New York : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Education, 2012.              
  Physical iScience.  New York : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill Education, 2012.           
  Adams, Laurie.  A history of western art.  5th ed.  New York, NY : McGraw-    
    Hill, 2010.                                                                 
  Bluman, Allan G.  Elementary statistics : a brief version.  5th ed.  Boston,  
    MA : McGraw-Hill, c2010.                                                    
  Art fundamentals : theory and practice.  11th ed.  New York : McGraw-Hill     
    Higher Education, c2009.                                                    
  Glencoe accounting. First-year course : real-world applications &             
    connections.  Bothell, WA : McGraw-Hill Education, c2012.                   
  Glencoe physical science with earth science.  Columbus, O.H. : McGraw-Hill    
    Education, c2012.                                                           
  SRA art connections.  Columbus, OH : SRA/McGraw-Hill ; c2005.                 
  Adams, Laurie.  Art across time.  4th ed.  New York : McGraw-Hill, 2011.      
  Barrett, Terry.  Criticizing photographs : an introduction to understanding   
    images.  5th ed.  New York : McGraw Hill, c2012.                            
  Curtis, Brian.  Drawing from observation : an introduction to perceptual      
    drawing.  2nd ed.  Boston : McGraw-Hill, 2009.                              
  Harms, Henry R.  Pre-engineering.  Bothell, WA : McGraw Hill Education,       
  Hirsch, Robert.  Seizing the light : a social history of photography.  2nd    
    ed.  New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Higher Education, c2009.                    
  McLaughlin, Charles W.  Glencoe physical science.  Columbus, OH : McGraw      
    Hill Education, c2012.                                                      
  Mittler, Gene A.  Art in focus : aesthetics, criticism, history, studio.      
    5th ed.  New York : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c2006.                             
  Mittler, Gene A.  Creating & understanding drawings.  4th ed.  New York :     
    Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c2006.                                                 
  Mittler, Gene A.  Exploring art.  New York : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, c2007.      
  Mittler, Gene A.  Introducing art.  New York, N.Y. : Glencoe McGraw-Hill,     
  Mittler, Gene A.  Understanding art.  New York, NY. : Glencoe McGraw-Hill,    
  Pierce, Alan J.  Introduction to technology.  New York, NY : Glencoe/McGraw   
    Hill, c2010.                                                                
  Ragans, Rosalind.  Arttalk.  4th ed.  New York, N.Y. : Glencoe/McGraw-Hill,   
  Stewart, Mary.  Launching the imagination : a comprehensive guide to two-     
    dimensional design.  4th ed.  New York : McGraw-Hill, c2012.                
Government Documents                                                                       
  Leaving Guantanamo : policies, pressures, and detainees returning to the      
    fight.  Washington, DC : [U.S. G.P.O.] : For sale by the Supt. of Docs.,    
    U.S. G.P.O., [2012]                                                         
  North American plan for animal and pandemic influenza.  [Washington, D.C. :   
    North America Leaders Summit : U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services,     
  Bartos, Timothy T.  Generalized potentiometric surface, estimated depth to    
    water, and estimated saturated thickness of the High Plains aquifer system, 
    March-June 2009, Laramie County, Wyoming.  [Reston, Va.] : U.S. Dept. of    
    the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey, 2011.                                 
  Kodama, Keri, author, illustrator.  The three 'io brothers and the big bad    
    hurricane.  Honolulu, HI : A publication of the University of Hawai'i Sea   
    Grant College Program, c2011.                                               
  Reducing the deficit, spending and revenue options (2011).  Reducing the      
    deficit, spending and revenue options.  Washington, DC : Congress of the    
    United States, Congressional Budget Office.                                 
  Saltonstall, Patrick G.  The Penguq site in Alaska Peninsula prehistory.      
    [Juneau, Alaska?] : Bureau of Indian Affairs, Alaska Region, Branch of      
    Regional Archeology, 2012.                                                  
  United States. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Environmental          
    Planning Division. Office of Environment and Energy.  Barrier design        
    guidance for HUD assisted projects near hazardous facilities : guidebook    
    6600.G.  [Washington, D.C.] : Dept. of Housing and Urban Development,       
  Walsh, Gregory J.  Bedrock geologic map of the Grafton quadrangle, Worcester  
    County, Massachusetts.  [Reston, Va.] : U.S. Geological Survey ; Denver,    
    Colo. : For sale by U.S. Geological Survey, Information Services, 2011.