Winona State University Krueger Library
Accessions List for February 2012

Main Collection                                                                                    
  The long-term budget outlook.  [Washington, D.C.] : Congress of the United    
    States, Congressional Budget Office.                                        
B105.A35 D38 1979                                                               
  Davis, Lawrence Howard.  Theory of action.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J. :          
    Prentice-Hall, c1979.                                                       
B105.E65 S78 1986                                                               
  Studies in essentialism.  Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c1986. 
B491.E7 D33 1984                                                                
  Dahl, Norman O.  Practical reason, Aristotle, and weakness of the will.       
    Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c1984.                         
B804 .K363 1994                                                                 
  Kearney, Richard.  Modern movements in European philosophy.  2nd ed.          
    Manchester ; New York : Manchester University Press, c1994.                 
B2598 .F67 1972                                                                 
  Frankfurt, Harry G., comp.  Leibniz; a collection of critical essays.  [1st   
    ed.].  Garden City, N.Y., Anchor Books, 1972.                               
B4377 .T514 1972                                                                
  Thompson, Josiah, comp.  Kierkegaard: a collection of critical essays.  [1st  
    ed.].  Garden City, N.Y., Anchor Books, 1972.                               
BD21 .G74 2006                                                                  
  Green, Mitchell S.  Engaging philosophy : a brief introduction.               
    Indianapolis, IN : Hackett Pub. Co., c2006.                                 
BD431 .S268 2005                                                                
  Santorum, Rick.  Rick Santorum : a senator speaks out on life, freedom, and   
    responsibility.  Washington, DC : Monument Press, c2005.                    
BF441 .O36 2011                                                                 
  O'Donnell, Jacqueline Renee.  Creation of national norms for scientific       
    thinking skills using the classroom test of scientific reasoning.  2011.    
BF637.N66 N37 2013                                                              
  Narvaez, Rafael F.  Embodied collective memory : the making and unmaking of   
    human nature.  Lanham, MD : University Press of America, c2013.             
BF721 .N49 no. 138                                                              
  Identity around the world.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2012.               
BF1045.S33 S38 1983                                                             
  Science and the paranormal : probing the existence of the supernatural.  1st  
    Charles Scribner's Sons pbk. ed.  New York : Scribner, 1983, c1981.         
DAW1038 .C48 2012                                                               
  Chodakiewicz, Marek Jan.  Intermarium : the land between the Black and        
    Baltic Seas.  New Brunswick, New Jersey : Transaction Publishers, [2012],   
DJK45.S65 A67 2012                                                              
  Applebaum, Anne.  Iron curtain : the crushing of Eastern Europe, 1944-1956.   
    1st United States ed.  New York : Doubleday, c2012.                         
DS371.412 .P66 2010                                                             
  Poole, H. J.  Expeditionary eagles : outmaneuvering the Taliban.  Emerald     
    Isle, NC  : Posterity Press, c2010.                                         
DS559.8.P7 M37 2012                                                             
  Marlantes, Karl.  What it is like to go to war.  London : Atlantic, 2012.     
E185.615 .L68 1995                                                              
  Loury, Glenn C.  One by one from the inside out : essays and reviews on race  
    and responsibility in America.  New York : Free Press, c1995.               
F1234.V63 K38 1998                                                              
  Katz, Friedrich.  The life and times of Pancho Villa.  Stanford, Calif. :     
    Stanford University Press, 1998.                                            
F3721.1.M2 M37 2000                                                             
  Marcos, Jorge G.  Arqueologia de la antigua provincia de Manabi = The         
    archaeology of the ancient province of Manabi.  Guayaquil : Ediciones       
    Banco Central del Ecudor, 2000.                                             
G155.A1 R44 2003                                                                
  Reisinger, Yvette.  Cross-cultural behaviour in tourism : concepts and        
    analysis.  Oxford : Butterworth-Heinemann, 2003.                            
GT4836.A2 V58 2002                                                              
  Viva la fiesta! Ecuador.  1. ed.  Quito : Dinediciones, 2002.                 
GV200.3 .T98 2004                                                               
  Tyson, Andy.  Glacier mountaineering : the illustrated guide to glacier       
    travel and crevasse rescue.  2nd ed.  Carbondale, CO : Climbing Magazine,   
H62.A1 N4 no. 136                                                               
  Evaluation advisory groups.  San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2012.          
HB846.8 .S55 2006                                                               
  Slee, Tom.  No one makes you shop at Wal-Mart : the surprising deceptions of  
    individual choice.  Toronto : Between the Lines, c2006.                     
HC105 .L48 2012                                                                 
  Levy, Jonathan.  Freaks of fortune : the emerging world of capitalism and     
    risk in America.  Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2012.        
HC107.O53 P62 2002                                                              
  Maril, Robert Lee.  Waltzing with the ghost of Tom Joad : poverty, myth, and  
    low-wage labor in Oklahoma.  Red River books ed.  Norman : University of    
    Oklahoma Press, 2002 printing.                                              
HC340.3 .E293 2012                                                              
  Economic and political developments in Poland.  New York : Nova Science       
    Publishers, c2012.                                                          
HC412 .R69 2012                                                                 
  Roy, K. C.  Economic development in China, India and East Asia : managing     
    change in the twenty first century.  Cheltenham ; Northampton : Edward      
    Elgar, c2012.                                                               
HC460.5 .E26 2012                                                               
  East Asian capitalism : diversity, continuity, and change.  1st ed.           
    Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2012.                                     
HC467.96 .E43 2012                                                              
  Eichengreen, Barry J.  From miracle to maturity : the growth of the Korean    
    economy.  Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Asia Center, and            
    distributed by Harvard University Press, c2012.                             
HD9145.B9 N48 2013                                                              
  Neuburger, Mary.  Balkan smoke : tobacco and the making of modern Bulgaria.   
    Ithaca, N.Y. : Cornell University Press, 2013.                              
HD9575.R82 G87 2012                                                             
  Gustafson, Thane.  Wheel of fortune : the battle for oil and power in Russia. 
    Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2012.         
HF5415.1265.C673 S635 2012                                                      
  Corbett, R. Scott.  Social media marketing with established technologies .    
    [S.l.] : Pearson, 2012.                                                     
HF5679 .C453 2012                                                               
  Chang, C. Janie.  Modeling and designing accounting systems : using Access    
    to build a database.  2nd ed.  Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley ; Chichester : John    
    Wiley [distributor], 2012.                                                  
HM548 .I63 2013                                                                 
  Ioannides, Yannis Menelaos.  From neighborhoods to nations : the economics    
    of social interactions.  Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press,      
HM1166 .C66 2013                                                                
  Connecting families : the impact of new communication technologies on         
    domestic life.  London ; New York : Springer, c2013.                        
HQ756 .F3847 2013                                                               
  Fathers in cultural context.  New York ; London : Routledge, 2013.            
HQ792.U5 K532                                                                   
  Kids count data book.  Washington, D.C. : Center for the Study of Social      
HQ799.2.I5 C59 2013                                                             
  Clark, Lynn Schofield.  The parent app : understanding families in the        
    digital age.  Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, c2013.           
HQ1154 .F4458 1988                                                              
  Feminist perspectives in philosophy.  Bloomington : Indiana University Press, 
HQ1190 .C64 1991                                                                
  Code, Lorraine.  What can she know? : feminist theory and the construction    
    of knowledge.  Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1991.                     
HQ1190 .F42 1995                                                                
  Feminism and philosophy : essential readings in theory, reinterpretation,     
    and application.  Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press, 1995.                    
HQ1190 .M56 1993                                                                
  A Mind of one's own : feminist essays on reason and objectivity.  Boulder :   
    Westview Press, c1993.                                                      
HQ1190 .W68 1993                                                                
  Women and values : readings in recent feminist philosophy.  2nd ed.  Belmont, 
    Calif. : Wadsworth Pub. Co., c1993.                                         
HQ1426 .F47 1993                                                                
  Feminist frameworks : alternative theoretical accounts of the relations       
    between women and men.  3rd ed.  New York : McGraw-Hill, c1993.             
HT241 .E35 2013                                                                 
  Eco-cities : a planning guide.  Boca Raton : CRC Press ; London : Taylor &    
    Francis [distributor], 2013.                                                
HV5825 .P615 2009                                                               
  Poole, H. J.  Homeland siege : tactics for police and military.  Emerald      
    Isle, N.C. : Posterity Press, 2009.                                         
HV6250.4.W65 K585 2012                                                          
  Klein, Renate.  Responding to intimate violence against women : the role of   
    informal networks.  New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.            
JA71 .C566 2012                                                                 
  Comparative political thought : theorizing practices.  New York : Routledge,  
JC423 .N479 2010                                                                
  New challenges to democratization.  London ; New York : Routledge, 2010.      
JK528 .M33 1973                                                                 
  Matthews, Donald R.  Perspectives on presidential selection.  Washington,     
    D.C. : Brookings Institution, c1973.                                        
JK6141 .B47 2012                                                                
  Berg, Tom.  Minnesota's miracle : learning from the government that worked.   
    Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, c2012.                         
JL1866 .V36 2009                                                                
  Van Cott, Donna Lee.  Radical democracy in the Andes.  Cambridge ; New        
    York : Cambridge University Press, 2009.                                    
K3478 .S76 1988                                                                 
  Stone, Christopher D.  Earth and other ethics : the case for moral pluralism. 
    1st Perennial library ed.  New York : Harper & Row, 1988, c1987.            
KF8745.S67 A3 2013                                                              
  Sotomayor, Sonia.  My beloved world.  New York : Knopf, 2013.                 
LB1027.23 .D738 2011                                                            
  Draves, William A.  The pedagogy of the 21st century / William A. Draves and  
    Julie Coates.  River Falls, Wis. : LERN Books, c2011.                       
LB1028 .N357 no. 156                                                            
  Benchmarking in institutional research.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c2012.  
LB2805 .S687 2012                                                               
  Social justice leadership for a global world.  Charlotte, NC : Information    
    Age Pub., c2012.                                                            
LB2822.84.G7 R83 2000                                                           
  Ruding, Eric.  Middle management in action : practical approaches to school   
    improvement.  London ; New York : RoutledgeFalmer, 2000.                    
M146.B867 S7 1989                                                               
  Bump, Michael.  Studie I : for timpani with percussion.  [S.l.] : Studio 4    
    Productions ; Van Nuys, Calif. : Distributed by Alfred Pub., 1989.          
M146.C119 N37 1976                                                              
  Cahn, William L.  Nara : for solo multipercussionist.  Everett, PA :          
    HoneyRock, c1976.                                                           
M146.C119 P37 1994                                                              
  Cahn, William L.  Partita for solo unaccompanied percussion.  Everett, PA :   
    HoneyRock, 1994.                                                            
M146.G74 D57 1982                                                               
  Gregory, Brad S.  The discordant psyche : percussion solo.  Huntington, N.Y.  
    (333 Spring Rd., Huntington 11743) : HaMaR Percussion Publications, c1983.  
M175.X6 K427 1999                                                               
  Klatzow, Peter.  Dances of earth and fire : marimba solo.  Rev. ed.  Tienen,  
    Belgium : PM Europe, 1999.                                                  
M175.X6 V5 2007                                                                 
  Vinao, Alejandro.  Khan variations : for solo marimba (2001).  [S.l.] :  , 2007, c2001.                                                     
M385.D45 M8 1987                                                                
  Mey, Thierry de.  Musique de table = Music tables.  Tienen, Belgium : PM      
    Europe publications, [199-]                                                 
M485.C3 C73 1970                                                                
  Cage, John.  Third construction : 4 percussion players.  New York : Henmar    
    Press : Sole selling agents, C.F. Peters, c1970.                            
M1001 .H23 no.6 1974                                                            
  Hanson, Howard.  Symphony, no. 6, for full orchestra.  New York : C. Fischer, 
M1001.H23 S9 no.3 op.33                                                         
  Hanson, Howard.  Symphony no. III.  Rochester, N.Y : Eastman School of Music  
    of the University of Rochester ; New York : C. Fisher, sole agents for the  
    world, 1941.                                                                
M1001 .S391 no.9                                                                
  Schuman, William.  Symphony no. IX, Le fosse Ardeatine.  Bryn Mawr, Pa.,      
    Merion Music; sole representative: T. Presser Co. [1971]                    
M1060.R28 M45 1984                                                              
  Ravel, Maurice.  Alborada del gracioso [Noten] for orchestra.  London :       
    Ernst Eulenburg, [ca. 2007]                                                 
M1500.V48 A55 1980                                                              
  Verdi, Giuseppe.  Aida : opera in quattro atti.  Nuova ed. riv. e corr.       
    Milano : Ricordi, 1980.                                                     
M1621.S36 S45 1986                                                              
  Santiago de Meras, Carmen.  Seis canciones espanolas : para voz, flauta y     
    piano.  Madrid : Ediciones Quiroga, c1986.                                  
ML420.D98 A5 2006                                                               
  Dylan, Bob.  Bob Dylan, the essential interviews.  1st ed.  New York :        
    Wenner Books, c2006.                                                        
ML3930.C4 W45 1959                                                              
  Wheeler, Opal.  Peter Tschaikowsky and the Nutcracker Ballet.  New York :     
    E.P. Dutton, [1959]                                                         
N6537.S72 A4 2012                                                               
  Stella, Frank.  Frank Stella : the retrospective, works 1958-2012 :           
    September 8, 2012 - January 20, 2013, Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg.  Ostfildern :  
    Hatje Cantz, c2012.                                                         
N6797.T88 A4 2012                                                               
  Warrell, Ian.  Turner inspired : in the light of Claude.  London : National   
    Gallery Co. ; [New Haven, Conn.] : Distributed by Yale University Press,    
N6923.C54 A4 2012                                                               
  Clemente, Francesco.  Francesco Clemente : nostalgia, utopia.  Munich :       
    Hirmer Verlag, 2012.                                                        
N7572 .B67 2012                                                                 
  Borzello, Frances.  The naked nude.  New York : Thames & Hudson, 2012.        
N7630 .E54 2007                                                                 
  Emery, Alan E. H.  Mother and child care in art.  London : Royal Society of   
    Medicine Press, c2007.                                                      
ND237.B47 W65 2012                                                              
  Wolff, Justin P.  Thomas Hart Benton : a life.  1st ed.  New York : Farrar,   
    Straus and Giroux, 2012.                                                    
NK1487 .W5 1971                                                                 
  Williams, Geoffrey.  African designs from traditional sources.  New York,     
    Dover Publications [1971]                                                   
PN1991.8.T35 B763 2009                                                          
  Broadcast blues [videorecording].  Broadcast / Educational Version.           
    [Beverly Hills, Calif.] : Public Interest Pictures, c2009.                  
PN1995 .C27 1982                                                                
  Cadbury, William.  Film criticism : a counter theory.  1st ed.  Ames : Iowa   
    State University Press, 1982.                                               
PN1995.9.A435 H37 2000                                                          
  Hart, Kylo-Patrick R.  The AIDS movie : representing a pandemic in film and   
    television.  New York : Haworth Press, c2000.                               
PN2286.5 .M36 2001                                                              
  Mann, William J.  Behind the screen : how gays and lesbians shaped Hollywood, 
    1910-1969.  New York : Viking, c2001.                                       
PN3000.C66 C67 2009                                                             
  Cousins, A.D.  The Shakespeare encyclopedia : the complete guide to the man   
    and his works.  Lane Cove, NSW, Australia : Global Book Publishing, 2009.   
PN4096 .R68 2012                                                                
  The Routledge reader in rhetorical criticism.  New York : Routledge, 2012.    
PQ7798.26.R58 P87 2007                                                          
  Pron, Patricio.  Una puta mierda.  1a. ed.  Buenos Aires : El cuenco de       
    plata, 2007.                                                                
PQ7798.26.U456 N56 2004                                                         
  Puenzo, Lucia.  El nino pez.  1a. ed.  Rosario, Argentina : Beatriz Viterbo   
    Editora, 2004.                                                              
PQ7798.425.L65 T46 2008                                                         
  Oloixarac, Pola.  Las teorias salvajes.  Buenos Aires, Argentina : Entropia,  
PR2976 .C572 2006                                                               
  A companion to Shakespeare's works.  Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., c2006.      
PR3000 .B38 2012                                                                
  Bate, Jonathan.  Shakespeare : staging the world.  New York : Oxford          
    University Press, 2012.                                                     
PR3091 .S3635 2010                                                              
  Shakespeare in stages : new theatre histories.  Cambridge, UK ; New York :    
    Cambridge University Press, 2010.                                           
PR6029.R8 N49 2009                                                              
  Orwell, George.  1984 : a novel.  60th anniversary ed.  New York : Plume,     
PS88 .R795 1991                                                                 
  Ruland, Richard.  From Puritanism to postmodernism : a history of American    
    literature.  New York, NY : Penguin Books, 1992, c1991.                     
PS153.N5 B553 1994                                                              
  The Black Columbiad : defining moments in African American literature and     
    culture.  Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1994.                
PS374.N4 G74 1996                                                               
  Greene, J. Lee.  Blacks in Eden : the African American novel's first century. 
    Charlottesville : University Press of Virginia, 1996.                       
PS3505.A87 Z476 1988                                                            
  Cather, Willa.  Willa Cather in Europe : her own story of the first journey.  
    Lincoln : University of Nebraska, [1988], c1984.                            
PS3537.T3234 C57 1995                                                           
  Steinbeck, John.  The chrysanthemums and other stories.  New York, N.Y. :     
    Penguin Books, 1995.                                                        
PS3537.T3234 G857 1990                                                          
  New essays on The grapes of wrath.  New York : Cambridge University Press,    
PS3537.T3234 M62 2009                                                           
  The Moon Is Down.  Penguin Group USA 2009.                                    
PS3537.T3234 V5 1975                                                            
  Steinbeck, John.  Viva Zapata! The original screenplay.  New York, Viking     
    Press [1975]                                                                
PS3537.T3234 Z464 1988                                                          
  Steinbeck, John.  Conversations with John Steinbeck.  Jackson : University    
    Press of Mississippi, c1988.                                                
PS3537.T3234 Z6195 2002                                                         
  Burkhead, Cynthia.  Student companion to John Steinbeck.  Westport, Conn. :   
    Greenwood Press, 2002.                                                      
PS3537.T3234 Z66 2002                                                           
  The FBI files on John Steinbeck.  Santa Teresa, N.M. : New Century Books,     
PS3537.T3234 Z7155 2009                                                         
  John Steinbeck : the contemporary reviews.  Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge  
    University Press, 2009.                                                     
PS3537.T3234 Z8669 1997                                                         
  Steinbeck and the environment : interdisciplinary approaches.  Tuscaloosa :   
    University of Alabama Press, c1997.                                         
PS3563.E53 H69 2005                                                             
  Meno, Joe.  How the hula girl sings.  New York : Akashic ; London :           
    Turnaround [distributor], 2005.                                             
PS3563.E53 T46 2007                                                             
  Meno, Joe.  Tender as hellfire.  New York : Akashic Books, c2007.             
PS3568.O23884 A88 2011                                                          
  Roberts, Kim.  Animal magnetism.  Long Beach, Calif. : Pearl Editions, c2011. 
PS3568.O23884 K56 2007                                                          
  Roberts, Kim.  The Kimnama.  Washington, DC : VRZHU Press, 2007.              
PS3568.O23884 W5 1994                                                           
  Roberts, Kim.  The wishbone galaxy.  Washington, D.C. : Washington Writers'   
    Pub. House, c1994.                                                          
QA76.8.R19 S34 2012                                                             
  Schmidt, Maik.  Raspberry Pi: a quick start guide.  Dallas TX: The Pragmatic  
    Bookshelf, 2012.                                                            
QA255 .H4 2012                                                                  
  Henle, Michael.  Which numbers are real?  Washington, D.C. : Mathematical     
    Association of America ; Cambridge : Cambridge University Press             
    [distributor], 2012.                                                        
QA268 .G35 2012                                                                 
  Galbraith, Steven D.  Mathematics of public key cryptography.  Cambridge ;    
    New York : Cambridge University Press, 2012.                                
QA276 .M92 2007                                                                 
  Myatt, Glenn J.  Making sense of data : a practical guide to exploratory      
    data analysis and data mining.  Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley-Interscience, c2007.  
QA276.12 .C675 2007                                                             
  Corty, Eric.  Using and interpreting statistics : a practical text for the    
    health, behavioral, and social sciences.  St. Louis, Mo. : Mosby Elsevier,  
QC176.8.E4 C45 2012                                                             
  Ching, Wai-Yim.  Electronic structure methods for complex materials : the     
    orthogonalized linear combination of atomic orbitals.  1st ed.  Oxford :    
    Oxford University Press, 2012.                                              
QD169.W3 M37 2012                                                               
  Marcus, Y.  Ions in Water and Biophysical Implications : From Chaos to        
    Cosmos.  Dordrecht ; New York : Springer, c2012.                            
QD341.H9 M83 2013                                                               
  Mucha-Kruczynski, Marcin.  Theory of bilayer graphene spectroscopy.           
    Berlin : Springer Verlag, 2012.                                             
QD456 .R68 2012                                                                 
  Roussel, Marc R.  A life scientist's guide to physical chemistry.             
QD561 .T677 2012                                                                
  The role of ionic liquids in the chemistry industry.  Hauppauge, N.Y. : Nova  
    Science Publishers, c2012.                                                  
QH31.R53 A3 2003                                                                
  Ricketts, Edward F.  Renaissance man of Cannery Row : the life and letters    
    of Edward F. Ricketts.  Tuscaloosa, Al. : University of Alabama Press ;     
    London : Eurospan, 2003.                                                    
RA644.6 .M55 2013                                                               
  The affordable care act : advancing long-term care policy in the United       
    States.  London : Routledge, 2012.                                          
RA651 .H37 2012                                                                 
  Harrison, Mark.  Contagion : how commerce has spread disease.  New Haven :    
    Yale University Press, c2012.                                               
RB129 .Q84 1997                                                                 
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    primary care providers.  1997.                                              
RC386.6.N48 L49 2012                                                            
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    University Press, c2012.                                                    
RC660 .D533 2011                                                                
  Diabetes ready reference guide for nurse practitioners.  Alexandria :         
    American Diabetes Association, c2011.                                       
RJ506.D47 G45 2010                                                              
  Genes, brain, and development : the neurocognition of genetic disorders.      
    Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.                    
RM736.7 .T48 2001                                                               
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RT23 .S38 2010                                                                  
  Schuster, Pamela McHugh.  Communication for nurses : how to prevent harmful   
    events and promote patient safety.  Philadelphia : F.A. Davis Co., c2010.   
RT24 .W75 2012                                                                  
  Writing for publication in nursing and healthcare : getting it right.         
    Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley-Blackwell, 2012.                            
TR140.S664 A4 2012                                                              
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TR660.5 .H33 2007                                                               
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Z682.4.C63 L4 1998                                                              
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Z731 .M326 2003                                                                 
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    United States in the twentieth century.  1st pbk. ed.  Lanham, Md. :        
    Scarecrow Press, 2003.                                                      
Reference Collection                                                                              
E457.2 .C245 2012                                                               
  The Cambridge companion to Abraham Lincoln.  Cambridge ; New York :           
    Cambridge University Press, 2012.                                           
E740.7 1920-1929 .R65                                                           
  The twenties in America.  Ipswich, Mass. : Salem Press, c2012.                
JK716 .G752                                                                     
  Government jobs in America.  New York : Partnerships for Community            
KF127 .W49                                                                      
  West's federal practice digest 5th.  St. Paul, Minn. : West, c2013-           
KF156 .G367 2011                                                                
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    York : Oxford University Press, c2011.                                      
PN1993.5.J3 S45 2011                                                            
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    Scarecrow Press, 2011.                                                      
QK603 .R57 2011                                                                 
  Roberts, Peter.  The book of fungi : a life-size guide to six hundred         
    species from around the world.  Chicago ; London : The University of        
    Chicago Press, 2011.                                                        
R121 .M89 2013                                                                  
  Mosby's dictionary of medicine, nursing & health professions.  9th ed.  St.   
    Louis, Mo. : Elsevier/Mosby, c2013.                                         
R121 .M893 2013                                                                 
  Mosby's medical dictionary.  9th ed.  St. Louis, Mo. : Elsevier/Mosby, c2013. 
R123 .S69 2013                                                                  
  Stedman's medical abbreviations, acronyms & symbols.  5th ed.  Baltimore, Md. 
    : Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2013.               
CURRENT ISSUES ONLY                                                             
  Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (Series).  Clinical and           
    Laboratory Standards Institute : [document].  Wayne, Pa. : Clinical and     
    Laboratory Standards Institute, 2005-                                       
Audiovisual Collection                                                                           
  It was rape [videorecording].  [New York] : Jennifer Baumgardner, [2013]      
GV951.8 .P377 1996 videotape                                                    
  Pass protection [videorecording] fundamentals and blitz/stunt pickup with     
    Dan Young.  Ames, Iowa : Championship Productions, 1996.                    
HQ792.I4 B67 2005                                                               
  Born into brothels [videorecording].  Full frame.  [New York] : Thinkfilm,    
HV741 .P66 2013                                                                 
  Poor kids [videorecording] an intimate portrait of America's economic crisis. 
    [Boston] : PBS Distribution, 2013.                                          
PN1995.9.C55 T36                                                                
  Tanpopo [videorecording].  Widescreen format (16:9).  [Japan? : s.n., 200-?]  
PN1995.9.E96 A936 2005                                                          
  Avant-garde [videorecording] experimental cinema of the 1920s and '30s.       
    Deluxe two-disc ed.  New York, NY : Kino International : Distributed by     
    Kino on Video, c2005.                                                       
PN1995.9.F35 R693 2002                                                          
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