Winona State University Krueger Library
Accessions List for January 2012

Main Collection                                                                            
D767.95 .H64 1974                                                               
  Holdsworth, David Keith.  Papua New Guinea battlefields.  Adelaide : Rigby,   
DG69 .C3713 2003                                                                
  Carcopino, Jerome.  Daily life in ancient Rome : the people and the city at   
    the height of the empire.  2nd ed.  New Haven : Yale University Press,      
DP63 .E35 2012                                                                  
  Elliott, J. H.  History in the making.  New Haven : Yale University Press,    
DT546 .F39 1977                                                                 
  Fernandez, James W.  Fang architectonics.  Philadelphia : Institute for the   
    Study of Human Issues, c1977.                                               
DT650.W37 B53 1977                                                              
  Biebuyck, Daniel P.  Symbolism of the Lega stool.  Philadelphia : Institute   
    for the Study of Human Issues, c1977.                                       
DU553.N35 D37 1974                                                              
  Dark, Philip J. C.  Kilenge life and art : a look at a New Guinea people.     
    London : Academy Editions, 1974.                                            
DU740 .E5                                                                       
  Encyclopaedia of Papua and New Guinea.  [Melbourne] Melbourne University      
    Press in association with the University of Papua and New Guinea [1972]     
DU740.42 .B69 1983                                                              
  Bowden, Ross.  Yena : art and ceremony in a Sepik society.  Oxford : Pitt     
    Rivers Museum, University of Oxford, c1983.                                 
DU740.42 .C66 1977                                                              
  N.E. New Guinea and the Tami.  Lae, P.N.G. : Papua New Guinea University of   
    Technology, 1977.                                                           
DU740.42 .C74 1975                                                              
  Crawford, A. L.  Gogodala : lagoon dwellers of the gulf.  Port Moresby,       
    Papua New Guinea : Robert Brown & Associates, c1975.                        
DU740.42 .H47 1982                                                              
  Hesse, Karl.  Baining life and lore.  Port Moresby : Institute of Papua New   
    Guinea Studies, 1982.                                                       
DU740.5 .C65 1984                                                               
  Colonial intrusion : Papua New Guinea, 1884.  Port Moresby, Papua New         
    Guinea : The Committee, 1984.                                               
DU740.9.C46 H65 1987                                                            
  Holdsworth, David Keith.  The Central Province, Papua New Guinea.  Bathurst,  
    N.S.W., Australia : Robert Brown & Associates (Aust), c1987.                
DU740.9.E5 E55 1981                                                             
  Enga yaaka lasemana = We will make Enga move, wake up, grow.  Wabag, Enga     
    Province, Papua New Guinea : Enga Provincial Government : Waigani, Papua    
    New Guinea : National Planning Office, 1981-1982.                           
DU740.9.G6 H6 1986                                                              
  Holdsworth, David Keith.  Goroko and the Eastern Highlands.  Bathurst, N.S.W. 
    : Robert Brown & Associates (Aust.), c1986.                                 
DU740.9.H53 H64 1986                                                            
  Holdsworth, David Keith.  The highlands.  Bathurst, N.S.W. : Robert Brown &   
    Associates (Aust.), c1986.                                                  
DU740.9.L3 H6 1986                                                              
  Holdsworth, David Keith.  Lae and Morobe Province.  Bathurst, N.S.W. :        
    Robert Brown & Associates (Aust.), c1986.                                   
DU740.9.M3 H6 1982                                                              
  Holdsworth, David Keith.  Manus and New Ireland, Papua New Guinea.  Bathurst, 
    N.S.W. : Robert Brown & Associates, 1982.                                   
DU740.9.N67 H6 1984                                                             
  Holdsworth, David.  Northern and Milne Bay Provinces, Eastern Papua New       
    Guinea.  Bathurst, N.S.W. : Robert Brown & Associates, 1984.                
DU740.9.R3 H6 1986                                                              
  Holdsworth, David Keith.  Rabaul and New Britain.  Bathurst, N.S.W. : Robert  
    Brown & Associates (Aust.), c1986.                                          
DU740.9.R33 H6 1972                                                             
  Holdsworth, David Keith.  Rabaul and Bougainville, Papua New Guinea.          
    [Adelaide, Rigby; Port Moresby, Robert Brown, c1972]                        
DU740.9.S68 H6 1985                                                             
  Eastburn, David.  The Southern Highlands.  Bathurst, N.S.W. : Robert Brown,   
DU747.M6 L55                                                                    
  Lindgren, Eric.  Morobe, Papua New Guinea.  Port Moresby : Robert Brown &     
    Associates, 1976.                                                           
E78.W5 M375 2012                                                                
  McNenly, Linda Scarangella.  Native performers in wild west shows : from      
    Buffalo Bill to Euro Disney.  Norman, OK : University of Oklahoma Press,    
E99.A6 G3276 2012                                                               
  Utley, Robert M.  Geronimo.  New Haven : Yale University Press, c2012.        
E404 .V35 2012                                                                  
  Van Wagenen, Michael.  Remembering the forgotten war : the enduring legacies  
    of the U.S./Mexican War.  Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press,      
E840.8.B54 T75 2012                                                             
  Tributes delivered in Congress : Joseph R. Biden, Jr., United States Senator, 
    1973-2009.  Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 2012.                                 
E840.8.B972 M46 2012                                                            
  Memorial addresses and other tributes, held in the Senate and House of        
    Representatives of the United States together with memorial servies in      
    Honor of Robert C. Byrd, late a Senator from West Virginia, One Hundred     
    Eleventh Congerss, second session.  Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 2012.         
E840.8.D639 T75 2012                                                            
  Tributes delivered in Congress : Christopher J. Dodd, United States           
    Congressman, 1975-1981, United States Senator, 1981-2011.  Washington :     
    U.S. G.P.O., 2012.                                                          
E840.8.S678 M46 2012                                                            
  Memorial addresses and other tributes held in the Senate and House of         
    Representatives of the United States together with memorial services in     
    honor of Ted Stevens, late a Senator from Alaska, One Hundred Eleventh      
    Congress, second session.  Washington : U.S. G.P.O., 2012.                  
E887.C55 R33 1993                                                               
  Radcliffe, Donnie.  Hillary Rodham Clinton : a first lady for our time.  New  
    York : Warner Books, c1993.                                                 
F595 .D87 2012                                                                  
  The dust bowl [videorecording].  Widescreen ed.  [United States] : PBS        
    Distribution, c2012.                                                        
F1227.5 .F67 2012                                                               
  Forced marches : soldiers and military caciques in modern Mexico.  Tucson :   
    University of Arizona Press, c2012.                                         
F1528 .D59 2011                                                                 
  Dix, Paul.  Nicaragua : surviving the legacy of U. S. Policy = Nicaragua      
    sobreviviendo el legado de la politica de los EE. UU.  Eugene, OR : Just    
    Sharing Press, 2011.                                                        
F2230.1.A7 B4 1954                                                              
  Bennett, Wendell Clark.  Ancient arts of the Andes.  New York : Museum of     
    Modern Art, 1954.                                                           
G156.5.E26 B834 2010                                                            
  Buckley, Ralf.  Conservation tourism.  Wallingford, Oxon, England ;           
    Cambridge, Mass. : CAB International, c2010.                                
G2444.40 .P3 1982                                                               
  Papua New Guinea atlas : a nation in transition.  Bathurst, N.S.W.] : R.      
    Brown and Associates (Australia) in conjunction with the University of      
    Papua New Guinea, [1982?]                                                   
GN418 .S77 1971                                                                 
  Strathern, Andrew.  Self-decoration in Mount Hagen.  London, Backworth, 1971. 
GN432 .G67 1973                                                                 
  Goroka Teachers College. Cultural Studies Committee.  Iris : tapa cloth       
    maker.  [Goroka] : Cultural Studies Committee, Goroka Teachers' College,    
GN473 .N48 1971                                                                 
  Newton, Douglas.  Crocodile and cassowary; religious art of the upper Sepik   
    River, New Guinea.  New York, Museum of Primitive Art; distributed by New   
    York Graphic Society, Greenwich, Conn., 1971.                               
GN668 .T57 1981                                                                 
  Tischner, Herbert.  Dokumente verschollener Sudsee-Kulturen.  Nurnberg :      
    Naturhistorische Gesellschaft Nurnberg e.V., Abteilung fur Volkerkunde,     
GN671.N5 M33 1975                                                               
  Madang and Siassi.  Madang, Papua New Guinea : Madang Teachers College, 1975. 
GN671.N5 P46 1979                                                               
  People of the west Sepik coast.  Boroko, Papua New Guinea : National Museum   
    and Art Gallery, 1979.                                                      
GN671.N5 R6 1970                                                                
  Rogers, Edward S.  New Guinea: big man island.  [Toronto] Royal Ontario       
    Museum [1970]                                                               
GN778.42.N6 S5 1977                                                             
  Shaw, Thurstan.  Unearthing Igbo-Ukwu : archaeological discoveries in         
    eastern Nigeria.  Ibadan, Nigeria ; New York : Oxford University Press,     
GN875.P36 S93 1981                                                              
  Swadling, Pamela.  Papua New Guinea's prehistory : an introduction.           
    Boroko : National Museum & Art Gallery ; Port Moresby : Gordon and Gotch,   
GT384.P43 E5 1978                                                               
  Enga housing and Enga tradition.  [Port Moresby] : Institute of Papua New     
    Guinea Studies, [1978?]                                                     
GT3405 .E96 2010                                                                
  Events management.  Wallingford, Oxfordshire ; Cambridge, MA : CABI, c2010.   
GV711.5 .N73 2012                                                               
  NSCA's guide to program design.  Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics, c2012.       
GV1460.6 .K35 1985                                                              
  Kano, Yoshinori.  Graded go problems for beginners.  Tokyo, Japan : Kiseido   
    Pub. Co., 1985-                                                             
GV1703.N42 C53 1976                                                             
  Clark, Peter.  Engini (firedance).  Rabaul : Gaulim Teachers' College, 1976.  
HA32 .K569 2013                                                                 
  Kirkpatrick, Lee A.  A simple guide to IBM SPSS statistics for version 20.0.  
    Student ed.  Belmont, Calif. : Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, c2013.          
HB139 .W665 2012                                                                
  Wooldridge, Jeffrey M.  Introductory econometrics : a modern approach.  5th   
    ed.  Mason, Ohio : South-Western Cengage Learning, c2012.                   
HB3722 .G674 2012                                                               
  Gorton, Gary.  Misunderstanding financial crises : why we don't  see them     
    coming.  New York : Oxford University Press, c2012.                         
HC110.E5 K5 2012                                                                
  Killingsworth, M. Jimmie.  Ecospeak : rhetoric and environmental politics in  
    America.  Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, 2012.            
HC240 .K54 2012                                                                 
  Klemann, Hein A. M.  Occupied economies : an economic history of Nazi-        
    occupied Europe, 1939-1945.  English ed.  London ; New York : Berg, 2012.   
HC427.95 .U54 2013                                                              
  Unequal China : the political economy and cultural politics of inequality.    
    New York, NY : Routledge, 2013.                                             
HD45 .K335 1983                                                                 
  Kanter, Rosabeth Moss.  The change masters : innovation and entrepreneurship  
    in the American corporation.  1st Touchstone ed.  New York : Simon &        
    Schuster, 1984, c1983.                                                      
HD57.7 .A33 2010                                                                
  Adair, John Eric.  Effective strategic leadership : the complete guide to     
    strategic management.  New rev. ed.  London : Pan Books, 2010.              
HD57.7 .S835 2008                                                               
  Sucher, Sandra J.  The moral leader : challenges, tools, and insights.        
    London ; New York : Routledge, 2008.                                        
HD58.8 .M53 1990                                                                
  Miller, Lawrence M.  Barbarians to bureaucrats : corporate life cycle         
    strategies : lessons from the rise and fall of civilizations.  1st          
    Ballantine Books ed.  New York : Fawcett Columbine, 1990, c1989.            
HD69.P75 V475 2011                                                              
  Verzuh, Eric.  The fast forward MBA in project management.  4th ed.  Hoboken, 
    N.J. : Wiley, c2011.                                                        
HD6035 .W39 1985                                                                
  Weiner, Lynn Y.  From working girl to working mother : the female labor       
    force in the United States, 1820-1980.  Chapel Hill : University of North   
    Carolina, c1985.                                                            
HD9502.5.W552 F56 2012                                                          
  The financial cost of wind energy : a multi-national case study.  New York :  
    Nova Science Publishers, c2012.                                             
HD9734.M42 T88 2012                                                             
  Tuttle, Carolyn.  Mexican women in American factories : free trade and        
    exploitation on the border.  1st ed.  Austin : University of Texas Press,   
HE8700.66.U6 B895 2012                                                          
  Buzzard, Karen.  Tracking the audience : the ratings industry from analog to  
    digital.  Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2012.                  
HF1359.B35 K49 2012                                                             
  Key concepts in the new global economy.  Cheltenham : Edward Elgar, 2012.     
HF1416 .I53 2012                                                                
  Interdisciplinary approaches to product design, innovation, & branding in     
    international marketing.  1st ed.  Bingley, U.K.  : Emerald, 2012.          
HF5415.55 .S54 2012                                                             
  Sheth, Jagdish N.  The 4 A's of marketing : creating value for customers,     
    companies and society.  New York : Routledge, 2012.                         
HF5813.U6 A733 2012                                                             
  Applegate, Edd.  The rise of advertising in the United States : a history of  
    innovation to 1960.  Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, c2012.                  
HG235 .R63 1954                                                                 
  Ritzenthaler, Robert E.  Native money of Palau.  Milwaukee, 1954, 1973.       
HG2040.5.U5 H34 2012                                                            
  Hagerty, James R.  The fateful history of Fannie Mae : New Deal birth to      
    mortgage crisis fall.  Charleston, SC : History Press, 2012.                
HG4928.5.R685 A3 2012                                                           
  Rothman, Irv.  Out-executing the competition : building and growing a         
    financial services company in any economy.  Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley &    
    Sons, c2012.                                                                
HM1121 .J49 2011                                                                
  Jesse, Neal G.  Ethnic conflict : a systematic approach to cases of conflict. 
    Washington, DC : CQ Press, c2011.                                           
HQ1194 .E27 2011                                                                
  Ecofeminism and rhetoric : critical perspectives on sex, technology, and      
    discourse.  New York : Berghahn Books, 2011.                                
HQ1206 .S68 1988                                                                
  Spender, Dale.  Women of ideas and what men have done to them.  London ;      
    Boston : Pandora, 1988, c1982.                                              
HV1553 .H33 2010                                                                
  Haller, Beth A.  Representing disability in an ableist world : essays on      
    mass media.  Louisville, KY : The Advocado Press, c2010.                    
HV4140.M86 B66 2012                                                             
  Boo, Katherine.  Behind the beautiful forevers.  1st ed.  New York : Random   
    House, c2012.                                                               
HV6432.7 .H56 2011                                                              
  Historicizing 9/11.  Durham, N.C. Duke University Press, c2011.               
HV9950 .A437 2012                                                               
  Alexander, Michelle.  The new Jim Crow : mass incarceration in the age of     
    colorblindness.  Rev. ed.  New York, NY : New Press ; [Jackson, TN] :       
    Distributed by Perseus Distribution, c2012.                                 
JZ1308 .R567 2012                                                               
  Risse, Mathias.  Global political philosophy.  Basingstoke, Hampshire         
    [England] ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.                            
JZ1318 .S636 2013                                                               
  Sociology of globalization : cultures, economies, and politics.  Boulder,     
    Colo. : Westview Press, c2013.                                              
KF2979 .S28 2005                                                                
  Scafidi, Susan.  Who owns culture? : appropriation and authenticity in        
    American law.  New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, c2005.       
KF4118 .K5 2012                                                                 
  Educational policy and the law.  5th ed.  Belmont, Calif. : Wadsworth         
    Cengage Learning, c2012.                                                    
KZ6385 .N66 2012                                                                
  Non-international armed conflict in the twenty-first century.  Newport, R.I.  
    : Naval War College, 2012.                                                  
LA2325.M45 A3 2008                                                              
  Mehlmann, Gloria.  Gifted to learn.  1st ed.  Edmonton : University of        
    Alberta Press, 2008.                                                        
LB1025.2 .N456 no.132                                                           
  Discipline-centered learning communities : creating connections among         
    students, faculty, and curricula.  San Francisco, Calif. : Jossey-Bass,     
LB1050 .T69 2012                                                                
  Tracey, Diane H.  Lenses on reading : an introduction to theories and models. 
    2nd ed.  New York : The Guilford Press, c2012.                              
LB1139.L3 J636 2012                                                             
  Johnston, Peter H.  Opening minds : using language to change lives.           
    Portland, Me. : Stenhouse Publishers, c2012.                                
LB1576 .B535 2006                                                               
  Boushey, Gail.  The daily 5 : fostering literacy independence in the          
    elementary grades.  Portland, Me. : Stenhouse Publishers, c2006.            
LB2805 .F888 2012                                                               
  The futures of school reform.  Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard Education Press,    
LB3013 .L447 2012                                                               
  Lees, Helen E.  Silence in schools.  Stoke on Trent : Trentham Books, 2012.   
LC196 .F8495 2013                                                               
  Fullan, Michael.  Stratosphere : integrating technology, pedagogy, and        
    change knowledge.  Dons Mills, ON : Pearson, c2013.                         
LC1091 .A33 2012                                                                
  Adult civic engagement in adult learning.  San Francisco : Jossey-Bass,       
LC5146.5 .R895 2003                                                             
  Rural voices : place-conscious education and the teaching of writing.  New    
    York : Teachers College Press, c2003.                                       
M24.R29 M572 no.3                                                               
  Ravel, Maurice.  Miroirs : No. III. Une barque sur l'ocean.  New York :       
    Kalmus, [19--]                                                              
M1001 .H23 op. 30 1999                                                          
  Hanson, Howard.  Symphony no. 2, op. 30 : Romantic.  Philadelphia Orchestra   
    critical ed.  [Rochester, N.Y.] : Eastman School of Music ; New York, NY    
    (65 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10012) : Sole agents for the world, C.       
    Fischer, c1999.                                                             
M1001 .S387 no.3                                                                
  Schuman, William.  Symphony no. III : in two parts (four movements).          
    [S.l.] : G. Schirmer ; Milwaukee, WI : distributed by Hal Leonard Pub.      
    Corp., c1942.                                                               
M1001 .S391 no.8 1964                                                           
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M1001.S391 N4 2000                                                              
  Schuman, William.  New England triptych : three pieces for orchestra after    
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M1001 .T34 no. 4 op. 36                                                         
  Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich.  Symphony, no. 4, in F minor, op. 36.  Madison      
    Hts., Mi. : Luck's Music Library, c[19--?]                                  
M1001 .T34 no. 6 op. 74                                                         
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    Luck's Music Library, [19--]                                                
M1045 .B36 op. 23-A 1956                                                        
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    Schirmer, c1956.                                                            
M1045.H66 S9 1945                                                               
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    Weber: fur grosses Orchester (1943).  Mainz : B. Schott's Sohne ; New       
    York : Schott Music Corp. (Associated Music Publishers), c1945.             
M1047.B47 S9 1995                                                               
  Bernstein, Leonard.  Symphonic dances from West Side story.  Rev. ed.         
    [United States] : Jalni Publications : Boosey & Hawkes, sole agent, c1995.  
M1060.R28 T61 2001                                                              
  Ravel, Maurice.  Le tombeau de Couperin ; &, Valses nobles et                 
    sentimentales : in full score.  Mineola, NY : Dover Publications, 2001.     
ML120.A86 G7                                                                    
  Gourlay, K. A.  A bibliography of traditional music in Papua New Guinea.      
    Port Moresby, [Australia] : Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies, 1974.    
ML156.7.B4 M23 2007                                                             
  MacDonald, Ian.  Revolution in the head : the Beatles' records and the        
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ML420.L38 A4 2012                                                               
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ML421.B4 B4135 2000                                                             
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ML421.B4 L495 2010                                                              
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ML421.B4 N65 2005                                                               
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ML547 .F613 1983                                                                
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N5310 .L683 1966                                                                
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N6260 .G69                                                                      
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N6260 .R53 1975                                                                 
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N6537.S3845 A4 2011                                                             
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N7399.I8 F57 1976                                                               
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N7399.7.A84 H36 1984                                                            
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N7410 .C3 1967                                                                  
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N7411.N4 C34 1975                                                               
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N7411.N4 1988                                                                   
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    Risborough : Shire, 1988.                                                   
N7411.P3 M36 1982                                                               
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N7411.P3 N48 1976                                                               
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N7411.P3 P36 1975                                                               
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N7411.P3 S56 1977                                                               
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N7413.L38 W37 1978                                                              
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NA712 .W6 2009                                                                  
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NB1080 .P22 1976                                                                
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