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Collette Hyman presenting at the Athenaeum

The Athenaeum hosts events that explore and enhance the intellectual life of the University and the region through lectures, readings, performances, discussions, and other events.

By bringing together scholars, performers, students, and community members for intellectual discussion and the sharing of cultural experiences, the Athenaeum reflects the importance the University places on the humanities, the arts, and the sciences.

All Athenaeum events begin at 2:00 PM and are held on the south end of the Library's second floor, unless otherwise noted.

29 January 2014
12 February 2014
09 April 2014

29 January 2014

What do Civil Rights Look Like in the Early 21st Century?

Alex Hines, Director, WSU Office of Inclusion and Diversity
Joe Morse, Activist and Veteran of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement
John Campbell, Professor, WSU History Department
Tomas Tolvaisas, Associate Professor, WSU History Department

The panel will address the question “What do Civil Rights Look Like in the Early 21st Century?” When addressing this question the panel will discuss the numerous ongoing civil rights issues in this country, such as those presented by “stop and frisk” policing behavior and the recent Supreme Court’s gutting of the 1965 Voting Rights Act. After opening remarks and discussion from the panelists, the floor will be opened for questions and comments from the audience.

All panel members will lead a June 2014 WSU Travel Study Course on the Civil Rights movement to Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee.

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12 February 2014

Living the Land Ethics through Restorative Teaching and Learning

Bruno Borsari, Associate Professor, Biology

The Winona State University campus offers many acres of open space, which are topographically and biologically diverse. Our land asset can become a powerful tool for transformative education for all students and this presentation will illustrate a few, effective examples. The Land Stewardship & Arboretum Committee is leading this effort.

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09 April 2014

Advanced Poetry Writing Student Reading

WSU English Writing Majors

WSU Students from Professor James Armstrong's Advanced Poetry Writing class will read their poetry to showcase their year-long education in the art of writing poems.

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The Athenaeum is located on the second floor of the Darrell W. Krueger Library, on the south side, overlooking the bluffs.

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