Autodocs: Software for Federal Depository Libraries

Autodocs is an electronic check-in and shelflist system designed to be used with Microsoft Access 97 or later. It allows one to download an electronic shipping list to check-in and shelflist receipts without keying in shipping list data. There is a method of handling items that regularly arrive without a shipping list. Labels are generated only at the end of the session, not at the end of each shipping list, thereby reducing the number of wasted blank labels. with Autodocs 1.3, I have built in Stan Price's algorithm for sorting correctly by Sudoc number.

Detailed Explanation

Autodocs: A Federal Documents Check-in System a text file that introduces Autodocs and gives detailed features added to version 1.4.

FAQ and Guide

Autodocs: Frequently Asked Questions and User's Guide: now available in html here at the Autodocs server.


Autodocs 1.4: in Zip file ready to download. Please register below if you download and use a copy of Autodocs. I will keep a list of people who are interested in Autodocs, so that I can keep you informed about upgrades. I will not use the list for purposes other than announcements. How to Load Autodocs.

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How to load Autodocs

Click here to download a zipped copy of the Conversion kit to convert from 1.3 to 1.4. You do not need to register again for the conversion kit.