Proxy Server Instructions

For persons off-campus or in the WSU dorms: you will be using the Proxy Server to access a database to which the library subscribes. You can only use the proxy server if you are a student, staff or faculty member of WSU.

NEW! As of April 22, 2009, you can either use your barcode/last name OR your WSU login. (login name goes in barcode box, password goes in password box)

If you wish to continue using the barcode, you may. The 14 digit barcode is on the back of your student ID and your library password (usually your last name. If your last name is longer than 8 letters (and you got your ID before Fall 2006), use only the first eight characters of your last name. If you got your ID in Fall 2006 or after, you can use your full last name (including punctuation)).

VPN users
After several problems with VPN in Spring 2006, IT has now set up VPN so that you will need to login to the proxy server the same as if you were accessing the databases from off campus without VPN. The Library's authentication login page will appear when you click on a database and you will be able to use your barcode and password to access the databases.

Rochester students click here for special note.

If you are not a student, staff or faculty member of WSU, you may not use the library's licensed online databases off campus.

To test to see if your barcode is in the system click on "Your Library Record" on the MnPALS page. If your record is there and the barcode matches that on the back of your I.D., you will be able to access the databases. If your record isn't there, or your barcode doesn't match, click here for a form to report the problem. If your record is there and the barcode matches but you're still having problems click here to report the problem and it will looked into.

Rochester students with IDs furnished by Goddard Library can use their WSU login (for WSU email or D2L) to use WSU's proxy server. If you only have one card, and the barcode begins with 202, that is a Goddard Library barcode and only works with Goddard Library databases. You then use your WSU login (for WSU email or D2L) to access Krueger Library’s databases. Directions are on the proxy login page after the bold OR.

(On Campus) To see what the regular proxy server log-in screen looks like, here is a screen shot of the Regular Proxy Log-in Page.