Reserve a Study Room

WSU Meeting Room Booking System


How do I reserve a group study room in the library?

  • Go to the WSU Meeting Room Booking System (Virtual EMS)
  • Click on My Account, then Log In
  • Log in with your StarID and password
  • Under Reservations, select Library Study Rooms
  • Fill in the information on the left, and click Find Space
  • Click the green cross to select your room, click to accept the terms and conditions, and click Continue
  • Fill in your contact information, and click Submit
  • If your reservation falls within the policies below, it will be automatically added to the schedule

Please observe the following policies:

  • Please do not sign up for a room if you do not plan to use it
  • If you do not show up 15 minutes after your reservation, another user can use that room for the remainder of the time (until the next reservation)
  • A maximum of three hours per slot
  • One slot per day for each individual user
  • No more than two slots per week for each individual user
  • A week is defined as Monday through Sunday
  • Reservations cannot be made more than 7 days in advance

Reservations in violation of the above polices will be subject to deletion by system administrators without notification. Please see a public service desk for assistance.

The Dean of the Library should make final decisions regarding the prior scheduling of all library space usage. Please see the Librarian on duty if you have questions.

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