Krueger Library Video Collection, Frequently Asked Questions

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Locations and General Questions

Can I check out videos from the library?

• Yes, WSU faculty, staff and students can check out videos.

How long can I checkout a regular video (non-reserve)?

If I want to have a video available to view in my class, what do I do?

• WSU Faculty and staff Click here.

How far in advance do I need to schedule a video?

Can I have a video delivered?

If I want to have a video available for my students to view in the library, what do I do?

• It is strongly recommended that you request that the video title be put on “reserve” as soon as you know you want it available for viewing in the library.

How do I put a video on “Reserve”?

• Find the video using Searching for Videos steps, and send an online request.
• You must allow for at least 2 business days for an item to be put on reserve.
If you have questions, please contact:

Mackenzie Morning

If you cannot reach her, contack Mark Eriksen

To put a video on Reserve, what information do I need to leave?

How long can I check out a “Reserve” video?

What if someone already has a video on Reserve? Can I borrow it for my class?

• Faculty can check out “Reserve” videos for 4 hours (outside the library).
• Students can checkout “Reserve” videos for in-library use only for 4 hours.

Can you keep a list of the students that have viewed the video on Reserve?

No. We cannot provide that service due to patron privacy requirements.

Do I need to put all videos I will use this semester on Reserve?

• Only if you want a video to be available for your class to view in the library.

What videos does WSU have?

• To search for videos in the Krueger Library, Click here.

Can my students view a video in the library?

• Yes, the library has 6 video viewing stations and all Information Gallery computers and all student laptops have DVD players.
• To make sure a video will be available to view in the library, put the video on “Reserve.”

Who is in charge of classroom equipment? And problems when I'm using videos in my class?

Classroom Support is the department to contact 457-5110. The Library does not deal with classroom support of equipment.

What if I am WSU faculty at Rochester?

Click here for procedures for WSU Rochester Faculty.

Where are the videos located?

• The videos are located on the first floor of the Library near the periodicals area

What if a video is in the Video List with an old VC number and is not on the shelves?

• You should fill out this: Request to Reprocess for Checkout (All Patrons)

Who should I contact about video questions?

Questions? Contact Mackenzie Morning
If you cannot reach her, contack Mark Eriksen
(507)457-5486 or email him at