Arts & Enrichment Lyceum


Gordon Goodwin’s BIG PHAT BAND

Gordon Goodwin’s Big
Phat Band,
an 18-piece
jazz ensemble, celebrates
and personifies the best of
the big band tradition with
a very contemporary and
original sound.  Through
the writing genius of
Gordon Goodwin, SRO
audiences have enjoyed
one of the most
craftsman-like hard
swinging large jazz
ensembles comprised of
L.A.’s finest musicians. 

             KRISTA TIPPETT

 Krista Tippet has been
the host and producer of
“Speaking of Faith” a
weekly radio program that
is distributed by American
Public Radio since 2001
and is heard on over 200
public radio stations
nationwide. She authored
the book Speaking of Faith
in 2007 and received
a Peabody Award in 2008.
Ms. Tippet’s approach to
her radio interviews is as a
first person narrative,
bringing out the
“intersection of theology
and human experience”.
Her new book, Einstein's
God, illustrates some of
the important ways the
program and her vision
have continued to evolve.


           ROBERT LANG


Robert J. Lang is
recognized as one of the
world’s leading masters of
the art of origami, with
over 500 designs
catalogued and
diagrammed. He is one of
the pioneers of the cross-
disciplinary marriage of
origami with mathematics
and has consulted on
applications of origami
to engineering problems
ranging from air-bag
design to expandable
space telescopes. His
work combines aspects
of the Western school of
mathematical origami
design with the Eastern
emphasis upon line and
form to yield models that
are at once distinctive,
elegant,and challenging. 
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