B.S. Minor - Professional Selling (SELL)

2014 - 2015 Required Courses: 30 Semester Hours (S.H.)*

General Business Administration Courses (12 S.H.)

Accounting (3 S.H.)

ACCT 211 Financial Accounting Principles

Economics (3 S.H.)

ECON 201  Principles of Microeconomics

Statistics (3 S.H.)

STAT 110 Fundamentals of Statistics or higher


MATH 110 or higher

Selling Courses (15 S.H.)**

MKTG 265 Professional Selling

MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing

MKTG 345 Sales Account Management (Prerequisite of "C" or better in MKTG 300)

MKTG 349 Practicum Independent Study OR MKTG 399 Internship 

MKTG 365 Advanced Professional Selling (Prerequisite of "C" or better in MKTG 325 or MKTG 345)

Elective Courses (6 S.H.)

CMST 266 Professional Communication Skills

CMST 281 Intercultural Communication

CMST 296 Fundamentals of Interviewing

CMST 357 Communication in Social Media 

CMST 371 Small Group Communication 

CMST 375 Argumentation 

CMST 387 Interpersonal Communication

CMST 389 Persuasion and Advocacy 

*Admission to the College of Business is required before students may enroll in 300-400 level classes.

**Marketing Majors and Minors

Professional Selling minors Cannot use MKTG 345 - Sales Account Management of MKTG 365 - Advanced  Professional Selling as Marketing Electives to earn marketing Major or Minor.