Scholarships for Students in Mathematics, Statistics, Math Education, and Data Science.

Erwin F. Bachler Memorial Scholarship

Current Recipient: Grant Gill

Major: Math Education
Hometown: Cameron, WI
Activities: I love playing football, baseball, and going golfing.  I also love exploring around the Winona area going hiking and finding hidden gems around the area!
Future Plans: I plan on teaching overseas for a couple of years and then coming back to the states to teach and coach! After a couple years of teaching I plan on getting my Master's Degree in Administration.
What do you like best about your major: I love all of my professors and friends that I met due to being a Math Ed major.  If I wasn't in this field, I wouldn't have some of my closest friends.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: I love all the people and everything Winona and WSU has to offer!
Interesting Fact: I actually enjoy doing math.

Grant Gill

Benchmark Electronics Scholarship

Benchmark Electronics, Inc. is a global leader in Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS). Benchmark Winona began operations as EMD Associates, Inc. in 1974, an electrical and mechanical design engineering firm.

The Winona division grew into a full-service Electronics Manufacturing Services Industry (EMSI) provider that develops and produces electronic products in partnership with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and became a part of Benchmark in 1996.

The Winona division also houses design services which support all Benchmark sites. Winona currently focuses on long-term partnerships with industry leaders in telecommunications, enterprise computer and peripherals, and medical device markets.

The Benchmark Electronics Scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman pursuing a Statistics Major with a minimum ACT of 26 and high school class rank in the top 15%.

Current Recipient: Aaron Augustine

Major: Mathematics and Statistics
Hometown: Plainview, MN
Interesting Fact: In my 18 years, I've lived in 4 different states: Indiana, Florida, Kansas and Minnesota.
Aaron Augustine

Math and Stats Department Alumni Scholarship

Current Recipient: Le Tang 

Major: Mathematics and Statistics
Hometown: Shaanxi, China
Activities: I enjoy playing table tennis, swimming, skateboarding in my leisure time. I'm also co-president/treasurer of The Chinese Society at WSU.
Future Plans: I am planning to go to the graduate school in math.
What do you like best about your major: Problem solving! Being a math major is equivalent to challenging oneself. I commit myself to never give up on any questions I have ever met.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: I cannot tell you how nice and friendly the WSU community is! I feel very strongly that I am involved. Students and faculty members here are extremely supportive and encouraging!
Interesting Fact: I was a French major 3 years ago.

Le Tang 

Ormsin Gardiner Sornmoonpin Scholarship

Ormsin was born in Potaram, Thailand.  She received her Teacher Education Diploma from Suansunandha Teacher Training College, Bangkok, Thailand in 1952, her Advanced Certification in Teaching Secondary Education, Ministry of Education, Bangkok in 1957, B.Sc. (Honours) in Physics from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 1957, and M. Sc. In Engineering, Theory and Practice in Automatice Control, University of Manchester, Institute of Science and Technology, Manchester, England, 1966.

Ormsin married Harry Gardiner in 1968 in Thailand.  Her extensive teaching career started with being an educator in Thailand, continued at the College of Saint Teresa and Saint Mary’s University, Winona, MN and culminated with her retirement as Professor Emeritus from Winona State University in 2000.

Ormsin established this scholarship to encourage and motivate students in Physics, Math and Math Education Departments desiring to helping students excel in the understanding and application of mathematical principles in the career of their choice. Throughout her teaching career, Ormsin has given generously of her time and students often speak of her kindness, patience, and commitment to helping them succeed.

Current Recipient(s): Stacy Miertschin

Major: Statistics
Hometown: Rushford, MN
Activities: I am involved with the campus ministry Chi Alpha. In my free time, I enjoy reading and hiking.
Future Plans: Possibly attend graduate school for statistics.
What do you like best about your major: I like interacting with other nerdy-math people.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: I like being surrounded by endless opportunities and inspiring people.
Interesting Fact: I participated in the Jamaica Travel Study over spring break.

Stacy Miertschin 

Amanda Preisinger

Major: Math Education
Hometown: Burnsville, MN
Activities: UPAC and EMSP
Future Plans: My future plans include teaching and coaching softball at a high school level.
What do you like best about your major: Helping my future students become better problem solvers.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: My favorite part about being a WSU is being in such an inviting and caring community.
Interesting Fact: I have broken 5 softball bats.

Amanda Preisinger 

Lorena Jacobson Scholarship

Lorena was born and raised in Rochester, MN.  She received her BS in Education from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. She taught mathematics for 35 years in Milwaukee Public Schools.  Lorena spent her first five summer vacations at Winona State University to get her Master’s in Education.  She stayed on campus one summer and enjoyed commuting from Rochester the other four: taking morning classes, swimming in Lake Winona in the afternoon, and studying in the evening.  Lorena traveled to many regions of the U.S. and other countries.

Current Recipient: Emily Robinson

Major: Math Education and Statistics
Hometown: Luverne, MN
Activities: I enjoy rollerblading, playing tennis, and crocheting. I tutor and attend Cru Christian fellowship on campus.
Future Plans: Potentially graduate school in Statistics.
What do you like best about your major: The professors are supportive and understanding, and the class sizes are small, making it easy to get to know other students in your classes.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: The area is beautiful and offers a variety of outdoor activities.
Interesting Fact: I am belay-certified for rock climbing.
Emily Robinson 

Spencer & Judy Munkel Scholarship

Spencer and Judy (Malmin) Munkel met by chance at Winona State in 1963 while both were students.  Their relationship and their connection to Winona State has thrived over the years.  Spencer grew up in Spring Grove and came to WSU because his older brother graduated from WSU.  Spencer was comfortable with the small campus feel and the friendly atmosphere where many long lasting friendships first started.  Judy grew up in Savage and came to WSU because she had relatives who lived in Winona, and her parents suggested a small campus not too far from home.

In spring 1965, Spencer graduated with a bachelor's degree in math and a minor in physics and began teaching junior high math in Madison, WI. Judy graduated two years later with a bachelor's degree in elementary education.  In 1969, Spencer earned an M.S. degree in education, with an emphasis on Math, from Mankato State University.  The couple married as Spencer started his career at IBM in Rochester and Judy began teaching in the Rochester Public Schools.  Judy pursued graduate courses at Winona State and the University of Minnesota and completed her master's equivalency in 1987.

Throughout their careers, Spencer and Judy maintained many of the friendships established while at Winona State and kept ties to the institution that helped them find each other.  "We both felt that the WSU experience totally prepared us to be successful in whatever career choices we made after graduating from Winona State."

In the early 1990s, the Munkels decided to formally recognize and honor their connection to Winona State University by establishing the Judy and Spencer Munkel Scholarship Fund through the WSU Foundation.  "While at Winona State, I received a scholarship that helped me," Spencer said. "Judy and I decided we were at a point in our lives where we could do something to help others."  Through additional gifts of their own and the benefit of the IBM employees matching gifts program, the Munkels' scholarship funds have grown significantly and have helped many WSU students achieve their educational goals.

"By making gifts to support WSU students, we know we are doing something for those who will come after us," Spencer and Judy said. "We are pleased to leave a legacy to support causes we value. Our hope is that many of the students who receive scholarships at Winona State University will eventually establish their own scholarship awards to help future students." 

Current Recipient: Joseph Zemmels

Major: Math Education and Education
Hometown: New Brighton, MN
Activities: I am a University Tutor. I enjoy spending time with friends and going hiking.
Future Plans: I plan on pursuing a graduate degree in applied or pure mathematics
What do you like best about your major: I love being able to interact with professors and fellow classmates.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: The town and its surrounding area are beautiful and fun to explore.
Interesting Fact: I know pi to 30 digits!

Joseph Zemmels 

Floretta May Murray Scholarship

Floretta Murray graduated from Winona State Teachers College in 1932 and immediately began teaching art at the Phelps Campus School.  In 1941, Floretta transferred to the Winona State Teachers College where she became the department head.  She is also responsible for developing the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Master’s degree programs at Winona State.  Floretta also worked hard to create opportunities for her students outside of campus by establishing internships at the Minneapolis Art Institute, the Minnesota Museum of Art, and at the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife.  During her career, Floretta also taught at the University of Minnesota, Bemidji State University, Saint Mary’s College, and the College of St. Teresa.  Upon her retirement from teaching in 1976 she was honored as Professor emeritus and was awarded the Winona State University Distinguished Alumni Award in 1987.  She also served as a WSU Foundation Trustee from 1985-1996.

Floretta was also a life-long member of Kappa Delta Pi (the international honor society in education), from which she received the national merit award for distinguished service to education in 1962.  Floretta was a charter member of the Women Artists of America, served as an evaluator for the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and was a member of the American Association of University Professors.  She was also a member of several Winona community and civic organizations.

Floretta’s artwork has been exhibited in all the major galleries and museums in Minnesota, the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., and the Hampton gallery in London.  Her work is in a number of private collections in Minnesota, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Michigan, California, Washington, and Kansas as well as the prestigious Benjamin and Abby Grey Foundation, the Charles B. Sweatt Collection, and a mural in the United Building Center’s administrative offices in downtown Winona.

Current Recipients: Ashley Brotherton

Major: Math Education
Hometown: Burnsville, MN
Activities: UPAC, KDP, EMSP, Theatre and Dance
Future Plans: To teach mathematics in a high school.
What do you like best about your major: How I know that one day I can help students enjoy math like I do.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: How beautiful the campus is, and how helpful the professors are
Interesting Fact: I always seem to have fun facts.
Ashley Brotherton 

Abraham Folkerts

Major: Math and Composite Materials Engineering
Hometown: Aplington, IA
Activities: I play football here at Winona State and I love riding my motorcycle.
Future Plans: Get a job in the sporting goods industry such as baseball or golf.
What do you like best about your major: I love the challenge of complex math problems.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: The environment on campus.
Interesting Fact: I just have a 6-week-old Australian Shepherd puppy.

Abraham Folkerts 

Anna Gadach

Major: Math Education
Hometown: Elk River, MN

Kaitlyn Hennen

Major: Math Education
Hometown: Cold Spring, MN
Activities: I like to play any and every sport and I love country music. I also really enjoy going rollerblading!
Future Plans: I want to find a job at a high school near my hometown.
What do you like best about your major: The crazy looks everyone gives me when I tell them that I'm a math major.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: My favorite thing about being a WSU student is probably living so close to the bluffs/lakes.
Interesting Fact: I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and even dressed up as Hagrid for a birthday surprise for a friend of mine who also likes the books/movies.


James Hickey

Major: Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science
Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL
Activities: Lots of other homework. Computer programming. Research projects.
Future Plans: Hopefully attend graduate school.
What do you like best about your major: The interconnectedness of topics across subjects/fields.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: Having close relationships with professors.
Interesting Fact: My favorite word is waddle.
James Hickey 

Trevor Loew

Major: Math Education
Hometown: Cary, IL
Activities: Reigning Flag Football Champions and Chicago sports
Future Plans: Graduate School
What do you like best about your major: Course content
What do you like best about being a WSU student: My peers, the faculty, and the cost of attendance are my three favorite things.
Interesting Fact: I am a TA in the Mass Comm. Dept. and I plan on attending as many Cubs games as possible this summer.
Trevor Loew 

Fred & Sandy Olson Scholarship

Current Recipient: Zachary Zangl

Major: Math Education
Hometown: Oshkosh, WI
Activities: I play football here at Winona State and serve on Student Senate.
Future Plans: Teach high school math and coach football or go to grad school.
What do you like best about your major: I feel smarter than almost all of my friends. Haha.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: The people around campus are amazing and I feel at home.
Interesting Fact: I can do the splits.

Daniel & Christine Rand Scholarship

Daniel Rand went to Purdue in 1971 to major in Statistics, a degree which wasn’t known or desirable in the 1970s.  But he received a scholarship and work study money from Purdue, and that allowed him to obtain a Bachelor’s degree and then a Master’s degree in Applied Statistics.  He worked at IBM for 17 years and was able to eventually get a position as an internal statistical consultant, a job that didn’t exist when he started at IBM.  Daniel left in a downsizing and returned to school at the University of Minnesota to get a PhD in Industrial Engineering.  His wife Christine continued to work at IBM and support his return to school.  Upon completion, Daniel landed a job at Winona State University to teach statistics.  In recent years, his colleagues had the foresight to develop a new program in Data Science.  This seemed to foresee a future need, much like going into statistics in the ‘70s.  Upon retirement from his second career at Winona State after 16 years, Daniel wanted to help young people fund their education in these more expensive times.  “I want to encourage those young people to explore their interest in statistical methods, analytics, and data science.”

Current Recipient: Shahrukh Khan

Major: Data Science and Economics
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Activities: Cooking, learning and video games!
Future Plans: Work my way to become a 'Data Scientist.'
What do you like best about your major: I love the department! They encourage you to do your best and really inspire you to learn.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: We really have a great international community, which is great. I've always felt close to home.
Interesting Fact: I learned how to tie my shoelaces after coming to WSU. Knots always seemed to confuse me.
Shahrukh Khan 

The Duane & Edwina Wolfe Math Education Scholarship

Duane spent the first eighteen years of his life on the family farm near Fountain City, WI. When Duane was a junior in high school he decided that he wanted to be a teacher. He always enjoyed mathematics so without reservation that was the subject he wanted to pursue. He graduated from Fountain City High School in 1956, married Edwina between his junior and senior years in college and received a degree in Mathematics from Winona State, graduating in 1960. In 1964 he completed a Master's Degree in Mathematics which was the result of a fully funded National Science Foundation (NSF) grant for three summers at Central Michigan University. That fall he began teaching at Winona State College. In 1968- 69 he was awarded a NSF grant to attend Indiana University to study graduate mathematics and statistics. He also did graduate work in mathematics at the University of Minnesota. He was awarded two summer NSF grants to continue his studies of graduate level mathematics at Rutgers University and Auburn University. After 30 years of teaching courses at all levels in the Mathematics and Statistics Department he retired as Professor Emeritus in 1994.

Edwina was born in South Dakota and moved with her family to the Fountain City area while she was in high school. She graduated from Fountain City High School in 1957 and attended Winona State College for one year. She returned to Winona State College in 1964 (with a 4 year old at home) and graduated with Special Honors in 1968 with a degree in Elementary Education (and had 2 babies). She completed her Master's Degree in Elementary Education in 1971 at Winona State. Most of her teaching career was spent teaching first grade in the Winona Catholic School system. She also taught kindergarten, junior and senior high school mathematics and computer literacy and also ran the Learning Center at Cotter High School before she retired in 1995. She was an adjunct teacher at Winona State where she often taught Mathematics for Elementary Teachers.

They now enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren and spending winters in Arizona. Duane was happy doing what he liked best, namely teaching mathematics and statistics for his entire career. Edwina also spent her professional career teaching so when Duane retired they decided to do something to promote quality teaching. It is their hope that this scholarship will help Mathematics Education students to achieve their goals.

Current Recipient: Megan Roth

Major: Math Education
Hometown: Stevens Point, WI
Activities: I love snowmobiling.
Future Plans: I would ideally move back to Wisconsin and hopefully get a job at a high school near my hometown to teach math.
What do you like best about your major: I love the people. It almost feels like a family.
What do you like best about being a WSU student: It feels like my second home here and the people I have met are like a second family.
Interesting Fact: I personally know "Sheldon" from The Big Bang Theory.
Megan Roth