Due to severe weather, this workshop has been re-scheduled to Friday, April 11, 2014. 

Workshop One
Credit for Prior Learning: Opportunities for Discussion and Moving Forward

This collaborative workshop will provide a forum for discussion to develop plans for credit for prior learning (CPL) at your institution. Topics include:

      • Top ten reasons why CPL is so important.
      • Current CPL national/ local research and practices.
      • MNSCU policies/procedures and support.
      • Your institution and CPL? Where are you now and where would you like to be? 
      • Collaborative approach to CPL? Who and why? 
      • Institutional and/or collaborative action plan. Where will you be? Your action plan for moving forward.

Who should attend this workshop?

MnSCU faculty, administration, and staff who are interested in credit for prior learning will benefit from this workshop. Beginners as well as those seasoned in CPL are welcome.

What is the schedule for the workshop?


9:00 —10:45 a.m.: CPL overview

      • What is CPL? What does “competence” mean?
      • Why is CPL important to your institution, region, and students?
      • Competence-based and course-based learning models: You will identify how learning competences and outcomes achieved from non-college settings compar to course expectations/competences and learning outcomes. 
      • MNSCU Board of Trustees policies and procedures: These guidelines set system-wide standards for access and application (for example, standardized tests such as CLEP/DSST that meet MnTC through U-Select).
      • Why do CPL? CAEL and other sources will be discussed. 
      • What are CPL options? Some examples include credit by exam (local/national), course-equivalencies, bridging theory modules, and individualized competency approaches)


10:45 —11:00 a.m.: Break

11:00 a.m. —12:00 noon: Discussion/action points

      • At what stage is your institution in the development of a CPL program?
      • How can we increase access to CPL for students at our institutions?
      • What CPL formats do you see as most workable for your discipline or institution? What fits academically?
      • What CPL processes and resources are in place at your institution? What do you need?

12:00 noon —12:30 p.m.: Lunch conversation

      • Sharing personal competence-development stories and CPL success stories. 


12:30 —2:00 p.m.: Collaboration and next steps

      • How can we develop and strengthen two/four year collaborations around the system to enable seamless transfer and student educational achievement and success? How can these collaborations increase access to CPL options for our students? 
      • What barriers exist currently and how can they be eliminated? 
      • What are our next steps? What challenges, such as workload, coding, and transfer acceptance, will we face? What opportunities will we encounter?
      • Action/homework assignment for April 11 workshop 
      • Preview of April 11th workshop about the specifics of how to do CPL at the individual course level.



Who is facilitating this workshop?

What should be done to prepare for this workshop?

Research your institution regarding the following questions and be prepared to discuss answers with your colleagues:

      • What options for CPL currently exist on your campus and/or in your discipline?
      • What competences, knowledge and skills from non-college learning do adult students bring to your campus or discipline?
      • What barriers for CPL exist on your campus? What opportunities exist?

In addition, if you have suggestions or ideas that you would like addressed in the workshop, please email them to Carol Lacey at Carol.Lacey@metrostate.edu and to Martha Kudak at mkudak@inverhills.mnscu.edu by April 4, 2014 or earlier, so that the they can work with other workshop facilitators to incorporate your suggestions and ideas into the agenda for the day. We want the workshop to be as interactive as possible.

Registration Information

Lunch and refreshments are included with your $30 registration fee. .45 CEU is available on request to registered participants when checking in at the workshop.

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Third Party Registration and Payment
To register and arrange third party payment (so that your institution will be invoiced), send an email requesting third party registration and payment to: continuingeducation@winona.edu. Please include your name and the name of your institution in the email, and the workshop title in the subject line of the email.