University Policy, Procedures and Regulations

Welcome! Please be advised that Winona State University’s regulations website is in the process of being updated to a Policy and Procedures format. Regulations will remain posted and in effect until a new, corresponding policy/procedure is approved and posted.

All University regulations are available here along with newly approved policies and procedures. If you do not see the needed policy/procedure, please refer back to the regulation. Information about the policy approval process, constituency groups, and other policy resources is also provided. Let us know if there is information you are seeking but cannot find.

Winona State University policies, procedures, and regulations are set in accordance with Minnesota State College and University System (Minnesota State Policy 1A.1, Minnesota State System).

For more information contact the office of Academic Affairs.


Policy 1-1 Policy on Policies (PDF) (approved on 2/29/16)
Program Review Policy (PDF) (approved on 4/4/16)
Procedures of Program Review (PDF) (approved on 3/30/16)
FERPA Policy (PDF) (approved on 5/17/17)
Grade Appeal Policy (PDF) (approved on 3/1/17)
Grade Appeal Procedure (PDF) (approved on 3/1/17)
Graduate Assistant Policy (PDF) (approved on 3/10/17)
Graduate Assistant Procedure (PDF) (approved on 3/10/17)
Credit for Prior Learning Policy (PDF) (approved on 5/17/17)
Credit for Prior Learning Procedure (PDF) (approved on 5/17/17)