Building the Future of Winona State University


Winona State University delivers the finest public education experience in Minnesota; we are empowered to have hopes and dreams. From this position of strength, WSU has embarked on a journey to uncover transformational ideas that will truly change our university. We are imagining what we want to become and where we will invest our efforts for the next five to ten years.

The Strategic Direction planning process has spanned three academic years to date. During the 2013 academic year, many people participated in open sessions to identify “Hopes and Dreams” for WSU. Campus and community members submitted thousands of ideas. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of these ideas formed the foundation for our planning efforts.

In academic year 2014, we refined our focus. Groups from every sector of campus considered our planning priorities:

  • People

  • Programs

  • Price

  • Place

  • Pride

We also developed a new planning structure with the establishment of a Long Range Planning Committee (LRP). Utilizing the Hopes and Dreams ideas and data from other initiatives, the LRP developed a draft framework that featured six themes.

At the outset of the 2015 academic year, the themes were reviewed by the President’s cabinet and were introduced to the campus community at the beginning of fall semester for feedback. The LRP then incorporated campus feedback and revised the framework to include five themes. At the beginning of spring semester, the entire campus was invited to provide feedback on the refined themes at a gallery walk and through an online survey. The LRP committee again incorporated feedback to develop the final framework of the WSU Strategic Directions.