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Dawn Redwood

Kentucky Coffeetree

Ornamental Pear

Blue Beech

Northern Catalpa


American Yellowwood

River Birch

Red Pine


Japanese Tree Lilac

Quaking Aspen

Tulip Tree

Eastern Redbud

Eastern White Pine

Amur Maackia

Autumn Purple Ash

Crabapple 'Donald Wyman'

Princess Kay Canadian Plum

Ruby Red Horsechestnut

Black Locust ‘Purple Robe’

Northern Pin Oak

Freeman Maple

Black Alder

Littleleaf Linden

Balsam Fir

Norway Spruce 'Acrocona'

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The Trees of Winona State University book is the result of the efforts of Bill Meyer, WSU senior groundskeeper, to record for posterity a moment in the history of WSU's grounds.  He is the main designer and prime motivator of the tree plan for WSU including species selection, placement and maintenance. 

Tom Grier, WSU director of University Communication, contributed writing and editorial services to the book as well as photography.

Meyer and Grier worked together for more than five years to shoot each campus tree species at various times of the year, to capture each at its best.  The two then collaborated on the text to make it accurate and keep it interesting and inspirational for the reader.

Special thanks for expert assistance goes to:

Dick Davis – WSU Publications Director

Pat Malotka – WSU Graphic Art Specialist 

Dana Coulter – Winona Nursery

Additional help was provided by other Winona State University students, faculty and staff, and area horticultural professionals including:

Mark Swart – Sundance Gardens

Greg Johnson – WSU Print Shop

Naomi Fox – National Child Protection Training Center at WSU

Jan Tollefson – WSU College of Business

Jennifer Scanlon – WSU Graphic Art student employee

Jean May – WSU Graphic Art student employee

Michaela McGree – WSU Physical Plant student employee/WSU graduate

Kari O'Brien – WSU Physical Plant student employee

All Photographs by Tom Grier, unless otherwise noted:

Northern Catalpa Bloom, p. 18, by Joe O'Keefe, former WSU Director of Public Information

Tulip Tree Bloom, p. 34, by Erv Evans, NC State University, used with permission

Tom Grier in action taking tree photograph, p. 4, by Chris Warrington

 Bill Meyer

Bill Meyer

 Tom Grier

Tom Grier


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