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Additional Feature Photos:


In this Spring 2003 photo, Senior Groundskeeper Bill Meyer (left) gets help planting a tree from Bob Luisian, a WSU student from Hastings, Minn.

Every year, WSU students play a valuable role in maintaining the campus grounds and helping with special projects.  As the campus has grown, so have the number of student assistants.  Students have assumed more and more responsibility as they work under the guidance of Tony Bronk, WSU's building maintenance supervisor, and Bill Meyer and Amy Welch, senior groundskeepers.  Without the students’ dedication to their work, the grounds at Winona State University could not continue to stand out as the premier campus in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.


Tim and Rick Hatfield watering the tree they just planted at WSU, spring 1996.

In 1996, WSU professors Susan and Tim Hatfield and their family planted a tree they donated to the university.  The tree was a Ruby Red Horsechestnut, a close relative of the Ohio Buckeye.  The tree signified their commitment to the beauty of the Winona State University campus.

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