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3. Ornamental Pear

(Pyrus calycarea 'Cleveland Select')

In May of 2001, Ken Wynia, Winona State University's now retired carpenter, and his wife, Marilyn, decided to honor their granddaughter, Tanya, with a tree donation. They selected an Ornamental Pear tree (Pyrus calycarea 'Cleveland Select') for its beautiful spring blooms.

Though not native to Minnesota, with care, the tree does well in this climate.  Originally found in Europe and Asia, pear trees have long been cultivated in North America.  Pear trees are slow-growing, but long-living trees that can grow to an average height of 40 feet.  The Ornamental Pear is one of many varieties and hybrids developed from the Common Pear (Pyrus commonis). 

The Ornamental Pear displays showy white flowers in mid-spring.  Its glossy green leaves hang on the tree until late fall.

Winona State University's Ornamental Pear tree was planted with the assistance of Ken Wynia and his family near the northeast corner of Minné Hall and can be viewed from a memorial bench donated in honor of former Winona State University employee, John Valentine, by his wife, Joan, and WSU co-workers.

(see #17 on the maps)



Ornamental Pear

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