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4.  Blue Beech

 (Carpinus caroliniana)

Winona State University has two Blue Beech trees (Carpinus caroliniana) on its grounds.

The tree species, which is also called the American Hornbeam, Ironwood and Musclewood, is known for its smooth and deeply muscled branches and tough wood ideal for tool handles or long-burning firewood.  The trunk and branches can be furrowed and ridged and are covered with a thin bark that is bluish gray in color.

The leaves of the Blue Beech resemble those of the Ironwood and Hophornbeam, but are smaller and turn orange-red in fall.  Fruit is clustered in seed-bearing bracts which are popular with songbirds.

The Blue Beech generally grows between 10 and 30 feet tall and is commonly found in moist soil near water. 

One of Winona State University's Blue Beech trees is located on the boulevard east of Maxwell Hall, the former campus library building.  This tree was planted in 2001 as a part of Winona State University's tree project with the City of Winona through which 2000 trees were planted or given to residents surrounding the university.  With leadership from WSU President Darrell Krueger and cooperation from WSU staff, the city, and several civic groups, this project successfully replaced a number of trees that were damaged and lost in a series of severe storms in the late 1990s.

(see #13 on the maps)


Blue Beech

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