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7. American Yellowwood

(Cladrastis lutea)

The Yellowwood, or American Yellowwood (Cladrastis lutea), is one of the rarer trees on the WSU campus.  Generally found in the U.S. from northern Georgia and North Carolina west to Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas, the Yellowwood can adapt to northern winters with care.

The Yellowwood is also called Virgilia, which means "pleasant to remember."

The Yellowwood thrives in a wide variety of soils and tolerates a very high pH.  It grows best in full sun.  A medium-sized tree, the Yellowwood generally grows 25 to 40 feet tall with a trunk diameter of one to two feet.  The Yellowwood has smooth bark concealing a bright yellow wood that can yield a yellow dye. 

The Yellowwood is prized for its showy and fragrant white flowers that bloom in large, pendulous clusters in late May or early June.  The blooms grow in clusters that appear to dangle, resembling wisteria.  Yellowwood trees don't necessarily bloom every year.  When they do bloom, sometimes every other year or every third year, it can be a cause for celebration.

The fruit of the Yellowwood is a flat, bean-like pod, between two and four inches long containing a few flat bony seeds.  The pods develop in late August and ripen and fall in September.

You can find one of Winona State's Yellowwood trees thriving in the sunshine near Lauren's Pond just north of the Performing Arts Center.

(see #50 on the maps)

American Yellowwood


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