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11. Japanese Tree Lilac

  (Syringa reticulata)

Perhaps the most fragrant blooming tree on the Winona State University campus is the Japanese Tree Lilac (Syringa reticulata).  These trees produce large clusters of very fragrant white flowers in early June, which last for several weeks.  In fact, the fragrance of the flowers is so aromatic it can be smelled blocks away, much like the more common shrub form of lilac.

The Japanese Tree Lilac is generally a small, oval-shaped tree.  Occasionally, they can grow 30 to 40 feet tall, but in most cases mature trees are 15 to 30 feet tall.  Native to Japan, as the name implies, this tree is very hardy and withstands northern winters well. 

The bark is quite dark with white lenticels similar to the bark of cherry trees.  The large deep green leaves of the Japanese Tree Lilac tend to turn yellow in later summer. 

Winona State University has one of the largest collections of Japanese Tree Lilacs in Minnesota. While the species can be found in several locations across campus, a large cluster can be found surrounding the Prentiss-Lucas residence hall facility.  Another large cluster is located in front of the east entrance to Kryzsko Commons and in the raised planter along the sidewalk between Kryzsko Commons and the Library.

(see #19 on the maps)


Japanese Tree Lilac

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