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15.  Eastern White Pine

(Pinus strobus)

The Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) is known as one of the most beautiful of the fine textured pines.  Several are thriving on the Winona State University campus.

The Eastern White Pine is easy to recognize by its soft, blue-green needles which are three to five inches long and are borne in bunches of five.  Mature trees have long green cones in the spring that hang from last year's branches.  In September, the long, tapering cones open and discharge winged seeds which can be carried a quarter of a mile away. 

The White Pine commonly grows to a height of 80 feet, but undisturbed forest specimens can and do grow to be more than 150 feet tall.  Older White Pines have unsymmetrical branches and the smooth green bark becomes heavily furrowed as the tree matures. 

The lumber industry in the United States was founded on the Eastern White Pine and the tree led the industry for more than 250 years. 

Medicinally, the White Pine was one of the most important trees to Native American Indians.  The needles, buds, bark, cones, roots, and pitch were used and the tree was an important source of Vitamin C.  The inner bark was said to have been used as an ingredient in cough remedies.

Winona State University's White Pines can be found on the corners of Main Street and Mark Street and Main Street and Howard Street.

(see #42 on the maps)

Eastern White Pine

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