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16.  Amur Maackia

 (Maackia amurensis)

One of the more uncommon trees on the Winona State University campus is the Amur Maackia (Maackia amurensis). 

This interesting small tree is extremely tolerant to Minnesota's winters.  It has tolerated winters at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum well and performs spectacularly at the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in Clermont, Kentucky, just south of Louisville.  Nevertheless, Amur Maackia isn't grown widely nor sold by nurseries or garden centers, perhaps because it is a very slow-growing tree. 

The Amur Maackia is extremely attractive to view as the new foliage emerges with a delicate silvery display.  The leaves are dark green and compound and the bark is dark brown to grayish-brown. Creamy white flowers bloom in late June or early July.  The Amur Maackia's blooms are small, but very showy as they are clustered on stems about four to six inches long.  The blooms are followed in late summer by small, flat seed pods.

The Amur Maackia is a member of the legume family and generally only reaches heights of 20 to 30 feet, though individual trees in the wild have been recorded at 45 feet tall. 

In the late 1990s, Winona State University's only Amur Maackia was planted on the south side of Gildemeister Hall as a result of donations to the WSU Foundation.

(see #27 on the maps)

Amur Maackia


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