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<% Function GetHeadline() GetHeadline="Crabapple 'Donald Wyman' " End Function %> > Trees of Winona State University > Crabapple 'Donald Wyman'

18.  Crabapple 'Donald Wyman'

 (Malus 'Donald Wyman')

Every spring at Winona State University, a variety of Crabapples are in bloom throughout the entire campus.  A particularly interesting variety is the Donald Wyman Crabapple (Malus ‘Donald Wyman’) which was first planted on campus in 2003.

While the actual number of Crabapple varieties is open to debate, common thought suggests there are more than 600 types or cultivars of crabapples.  Many cultivars of crabapple are created with grafting techniques through which enthusiasts attempt to develop trees that are resistant to disease, that present showy blooms which last, or that have persistent fruit which stays on the tree longer.

The Donald Wyman Crabapple cultivar has white flowers in the spring and abundant showy red fruit in the fall that persist on the branches throughout winter.  Another feature of this tree is its high resistance to many diseases.

Crabapples are generally small, ornamental trees which reach a height of 20 to 25 feet.  By definition, Crabapples are apple trees (genus malus) with fruit that is two inches in diameter or less.

A young Crabapple (Malus 'Donald Wyman') can be observed between Minné Hall and the Baldwin Lounge of Kryzsko Commons Student Union.  A memorial plaque dedicated to Pamela Koelsch, a former Winona State University student, stands in the mulch surrounding this Crabapple.

(see #9C on the maps)


Crabapple "Donald Wyman"


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