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20.  Ruby Red Horsechestnut

(Aesculus x carnea ‘Briottii’)

Perhaps the most spectacular of all the recent tree additions at Winona State University is the Ruby Red Horsechestnut (Aesculus x carnea 'Briottii’).  The Aesculus species, which includes both the Ohio Buckeye and the Ruby Red Horsechestnut, are similar, but the Ruby Red Horsechestnut has brilliant large red flower clusters that bloom in late spring.

The 'Briottii' cultivar originated in 1858 in Trianon, Versailles, France, near the famous Chateau de Versailles, the great palace completed in 1715 for King Louis XIV.

Native to Europe and Asia, the Horsechestnut quickly spread in popularity in early America and is now found in every state.  Blooms appear in mid to late May and subsequently fall from the tree.  The tree features broad leaves made up of 5 to 9 leaflets which radiate like a fan from a central point. 

A medium-sized tree, the Horsechestnut can grow to a height of 50 feet, though is most often seen at 30 to 40 feet tall.

WSU faculty members, Tim and Susan Hatfield, sponsored this tree because of its beauty and close association with the Ohio Buckeye.  Susan Hatfield is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio.  On a warm, spring afternoon in 1996, Tim, Susan, and their children planted this tree at WSU. 

This attractive tree thrives in its sunny location at the southeast corner of Gildemeister Hall.

(see #56 on the maps)

Ruby Red Horsechestnut

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