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25.  Littleleaf Linden

(Tilia cordata)

The Littleleaf Linden (Tilia cordata) is a popular tree found in many locations throughout the Winona State University campus.  A close relative of the American Basswood, the Littleleaf Linden has dark green leaves that are heart-shaped at the base with a short tapered tip.

In Europe, the tree is often planted and pruned in a hedge, rather than a single planting.

The Littleleaf Linden is a prolific bloomer with small, fragrant, yellow flowers drawing attention when they appear in late June and persisting for several weeks.  The copious nectar of these flowers also attracts the attention of numerous bees.  The tree has no serious insect or disease problems though Japanese beetles seem drawn to them.

One cultivar of the Littleleaf Linden that is widely planted at Winona State University, 'Glenleven' was introduced by the Sheridan Nurseries of Ontario, Canada.

A medium-sized tree with a pleasant pyramidal form, the Littleleaf Linden can grow to 80 feet tall but is normally seen between 40 and 50 feet tall.  The tree does well in clay, sandy and acidic soil.  The Littleleaf Linden grows well in sun or partial shade, survives northern winters well, and transplants well.  It is widely planted as a street tree or in parking lot islands. 

At Winona State University, the Littleleaf Linden can be found lining the boulevards of Mark Street.  Several of these trees are also planted along Johnson Street to the south of Somsen Hall, between the Performing Arts Center and Memorial Hall.

(see #6 on the maps)

Littleleaf Linden

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