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Registration Appeal

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Registration Appeal Criteria
Registration Appeal Process

Use this form (PDF) to make a complete or partial Registration Appeal. Students normally have one year from the end-date of the relevant term to appeal a registration status. In cases of documented administrative error, there is no specific time limit.

A successful registration appeal may result in the removal of a course registration and the related course record from the student’s transcript. In the event a course(s) is removed, a note stating the course(s) has been removed on appeal will appear on the transcript for the relevant term. 

The appeal process offers three adjustments to the student’s registration:

  • A retro-active withdraw of courses for the term in question. Withdrawal indicator (W) recorded.
  • Noted removal of courses from the transcript record for the term in question – no refund.
  • Noted removal of courses from the transcript record and a tuition refund for the term in question.

Appeals are reviewed by the Registration Appeal Panel. The Panel determines the appropriate action based in part upon the student’s stated accommodation desired and the documented significance and severity of the circumstances. Documentation must be appropriate and correspond to the incident and term in question. The documentation should support or establish that the situation or reason for the appeal affected the student’s ability to successfully complete the courses or term in question. The decision of the Registration Appeal Panel is final.

The general criteria for granting an appeal are unforeseeable situations of significant circumstance beyond the student’s control. Unforeseeable situations due to a violation of the WSU Student Conduct Code or brought on by the student’s deliberate or possible criminal actions cannot be the basis for an appeal.  

Most registration appeals are for all courses for a single term. A circumstance serious enough to warrant an appeal is generally assumed to have affected performance in all courses. Therefore, partial registration appeal requests require additional information. Students need to explain how their situation allowed them to complete some courses and not others. Academic difficulty or ease of a course is not considered a valid cause for a partial appeal. Forgetting to drop or withdraw from classes by deadline dates or not knowing deadlines are not acceptable reasons for appeal.

The Registration Appeal Process:

  1. Obtain a Registration Appeal Form (PDF) online or in person from the Warrior Hub or from the WSU-Rochester Student & Campus Services Office.
  2. Submit completed form and required documentation to the Warrior Hub or WSU-Rochester Student & Campus Services Office. Submitted documents will not be returned. It is recommended that students make a copy of documents submitted for their own file. 
  3. The Registration Appeal Panel meets on the first Monday of the month. The panel will review the appeal based upon the description of events and supporting documentation. The appellate is not present. 
  4. Students will be notified of the panel’s decision within thirty days of the appeal hearing.

Questions regarding the appeal process can be directed to the Registrar at 507.457.2800.