Address Change

Address changes may be made directly on the web or by contacting the Registrar’s Office.
To change your permanent or local address on the web:

  • Go into Web Registration
  • Click on the ‘log in' menu tab
  • Click on ‘Address Maintenance’ on the menu on the left
  • Select ‘View’ or ‘Edit’ for the appropriate address type (Permanent or Local)
  • Note: If you have a graduation application on file you must stop in the Warrior Hub (Maxwell 2nd Floor Hub) to update the address on your application.

Change of Address form available online here.
Address changes may also be conducted at the Warrior Hub.   
These requests must be received in writing and must include the following information*:

  • Current name
  • New address and phone number
    *Indicate whether this change is for your permanent or local address and whether or not you have a graduation application on file.

All non-U.S. citizens making a change to a permanent or local address within the United States must report the change of address within ten (10) days of such change by completing a Change of Address Form and submitting it to the WSU International Services Office. The collection of this information is required by section 265 of the I & N Act (8 U.S.C. 1305). Failure to report is punishable by fine or imprisonment and/or deportation.

Send the address change to:
Winona State University
Maxwell Warrior Hub
P.O. Box 5838
Winona, MN 55987-5838
FAX to 507.457.5578