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Web Registration Directions   Tip: Use the schedule search service on the Class Schedules page to see special notes that do not appear on the Web Registration site. You may want to open another tab in IE 7 (or your Web browser) so that you can keep both pages open at the same time.

Go to the WSU homepage (

  • Click on ‘Register’  button located at the top of the page
  • Click on either ‘Winona Registration’ or 'Rochester Registration’
  • Enter your Warrior ID and your PIN
  • Check the box if you want your name to display and print on certain pages   containing enrollment, obligation, and grade data. This selection will stay in effect until your next login.
  • Click on ‘Login Now’

  • Change Year/Term

    The web registration system will automatically default to a specific year/term.  If you want to access a different term, click on Courses & Registration link on the left sidebar. There will be a link on the page that reads Change Semester.Follow the drop down menu to change the year term.

    Click on the ‘Courses & Registration’ sidebar link.

    Entering your Registration Access Code:

    Enter the Registration Access Code you received from your advisor. We suggest doing this when you initially enter the web registration system for the term. Once you have entered the number, you will not be prompted for it again. 

    NOTE:  Access Codes are not required for Summer Term registration.
  • Click on ‘Registration Access Code' on the menu under Courses & Registration
  • Enter your registration access code when the appropriate screen appears and click on ‘Submit’

  • Search for Open Sections: 

    This function only searches for a course.  You will not be registered for the course until you select "REGISTER FOR SELECTED COURSES" on the bottom of the screen.

    Enter a subject from the drop down list (for example, MATH) or a subject and course number (for example, ENG 111), or a University Studies/General Education code (codes are listed below).  You may also search for courses based on course start time range by selecting the appropriate values from the drop down menus.

    When the courses appear on screen from the result of your inquiry, click the 'Add Course' box to the left of the course(s) for which you wish to register.  Then select either the 'Add selected and search again' or 'Register for selected courses' button at the bottom of the screen. 

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you select 'Add selected and search again', the courses you have selected will NOT be held/reserved for you - you will NOT be guaranteed a seat in the selected courses if you choose to search again.  Registration in selected courses occurs only when you select the 'Register for selected courses' button. 

    Register for a Class:

    Note: You can only register at times when your registration window is open. Check Web Registration Windows to find out when your window opens.

    NOTE:  There are no registration windows for Summer Term - registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

    • Under the Courses & Registration sidebar link:
    • Click on ‘Quick Add (Register)’ on the menu 
    • You may enter up to eight course ID numbers at a time
    • Click on ‘Register Now’
    • Enter your PIN when the next screen appears and click on ‘Process Request’
    • Print a paper copy of your class schedule, inspect it, and keep it until after the end of the term

    1. Courses with ‘optional grading’ [letter grade (A through F) or pass/no credit] have ‘letter grade’ as the primary grade type. This is the grade type that you will automatically be given. If you do not wish to have letter grading, click on ‘View/Modify Class Schedule’ on the menu to change your grading method after you have registered for the course.

    2. If you are enrolling in a course that is offered for a variable amount of credits (for example, 1-4 credits), you MUST enter the number of credits that you wish to register for in the ‘Variable Credit’ column – this is a 4-digit field with an implied decimal point (2 credits would be entered as 0200).

    3. Error messages will appear if there is a problem with your attempted registration. Please note that the error message regarding a time conflict is only a WARNING it will not prevent the registration.

    Note: To register for courses that require permission of the instructor, you must either submit a signed Class Permit form ("Blue Card") to the Registrar's office or you must ask the instructor to submit electronic permission on the Web. If you have electronic permission, it is still your responsibility to complete registration on line.

    Change the Grading Method of a Class:

    Note: You may not change the grading method for a class after the Drop/Add deadline. You may register for no more than 6 credits P/NC in a semester.

    • Click on ‘View/Modify Class Schedule’ on the menu (your schedule will appear)
    • Click on the course ID of the course for which you want to change the grading method
    • Select ‘Change Grade Method’ from the drop down list
    • Select the appropriate grade method from the Grade Method drop down list (valid grade methods for WSU are 01, 03, 04)
    • Tab down and click on ‘Process’
    • Enter your PIN number for verification and click on ‘Process Request’
    • Print a paper copy of your class schedule, inspect it, and keep it until after the end of the term

    Drop a Class:

    Note: If you drop a class before the Drop/Add deadline, it does not appear on your academic record. If you withdraw from a class after the Drop/Add deadline, a "W" is recorded on your transcript and you are not eligible for a full refund of tuition for the class. You may not withdraw from a class after the final drop date.

    • Click on ‘View/Modify Class Schedule’ on the menu (your schedule will appear)
    • Click on the course ID for the course you want to drop
    • Make sure that ‘Drop’ appears in the selection box
    • Tab down and click on ‘Process’
    • Enter your PIN number for verification and click on ‘Process Request’
    • Print a paper copy of your class schedule, inspect it, and keep it until after the end of the term

    Logout of Web Registration:

    • Click on ‘Logout’ at the upper right corner of the screen
    • Close the web browser - failure to close the browser may allow others to view your data

    Note: To prevent unauthorized viewing of your private data, always logout from the system to end your session and close all browser windows on your machine.

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