Health and Wellness House Interest Community

Winona State is not only committed to challenging you academically, but as a whole person.  Your body, mind, and spirit are all connected and keeping your whole self-healthy should be top on your priorities.  The Health and Wellness House Interest Community will promote life style choices that contribute to the goal of total wellness and share  insights with other members of the house and WSU community.

What you will do: You will focus on knowledge and practice of Health and Wellness by participating in 5Ks with your class, learning about healthy life style choices and stretching your mind to think out of the box about your health, you life and your choices. 

Where you will live: The Health and Wellenss House Interest Community is housed in Pyxis House, which is located on the first and second floors of Lourdes Hall. However for Spring 2014, you can live anywhere on West Campus and still be part of this community.

How to apply: Fill out the online application for or the paper application form that is sent to you after you apply for housing.