Mississippi River House Interest Community


Winona State has the privilege to be positioned next to the 4th largest river in the world.  The Mississippi River influences all it touches including you!  This community will allow you to explore the river by paddling through the backwaters and hiking the surrounding bluffs.  This community will also explore the arts that have been inspired by the Mississippi and the history of this rich, multi-faceted part of the American fabric. 

What you will do: You will learn about the river by paddling through the backwaters while learning about the river's environmental history in this area.  The community will be going camping at Perrot State Park in Wisconsin which is on the river and learn how the river played a roll in Native American history.  Once it gets too cold to be on the river, the community will learn about art insprired from the river and the rich cultural it enhances.

Where you will live: All members of the Mississippi River House Interest Community live in Octans House, which is located on the third and fourth floors of Maria Hall.

How to apply: Fill out the online application and or fill out the paper application that is sent to you after you apply for housing.