Green Living House Interest Community

Students who choose to live in the Green Living House Interest Community want to explore sustainable living practices and how to practically reduce their environmental footprint.  Exploring this topic with like-minded students will allow you to pool your resources and abilities to educate and promote sustainable practices in your residence hall, Winona State and in our community.  

What you will do: You will learn how your choices affect your environment.  You will learn how to make the best choices you can using the resources you have.  You will cook with local foods, you will explore local waterways and improve your world.  You will also get the opportunity to work with upper-class students  in the Sustainability Academic Theme House.

Where you will live: The Green Living House Interest Community is housed in Volans House, which is located on the second and third floors of Lourdes Hall .

How to apply: Fill out the online application form or the paper application form that is sent to you after you apply for housing.