Spring 2014 House Competition

Earn House Points by:  

Attending Weekly Events 

West Campus Social Hour- 20 points a person!  

Going to the Lourdes Fitness Center/ Pool- 20 points a person!  

Wearing your House T-shirt on Tuesdays-  20 points!

Attendance at Hall Council- 20 points!

Attendance at Events- 20 points!


Participating in House Competitions  

Game Night Tuesday, January 21 8:00 - 10:00pm-- Tau basement. Play board games for points!

Snowman Contest Saturday, January 26 - Build snowmen that show your house pride!

Share the Love Food Drive Sunday, February 9- Earn House points for every can that is collected that night!  All donations will go to the Winona food shelf.

Game Night 2  Tuesday, February 18 8p - 10p at Mugshots! 

Nerf War Contest Friday, February 28 8p - 10p at Lourdes Cafe-- Cafe turns into a Neft war paradise as residents battle for house points

Karaoke Talent Show Thursday, March 20 8:30p - 11:00p at Mugshots. 

Spring Egg Hunt Saturday, March 29th 11am. All eggs have house points inside!

Kick Ball Competition Sunday, March 30 - Wednesday, April 2.