Spring 2015 House Competition

Earn House Points by:  

Attending Weekly Events

West Campus Social Hour- 50 points a person!  

Going to the Lourdes Fitness Center/ Pool- 20 points a person!  

Wearing your House T-shirt on Tuesdays-  20 points!

Attendance at Hall Council- 20 points!

Attendance at Events- 20 points!


House Competitions  

Game Night Tuesday, January 20 8-10pm -- Tau 

Games will be played for House Points. Points based on difficulty and time spent on game.

Snowman Contest Saturday, January 25 

Hope it's a snowy weekend in January! Points for each snowman and big points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Snowmen judged in many categories including most creative, biggest, house pride, etc. Judging will begin at 3pm.

Bingo Night Tuesday, February 10 8-10pm -- Mugshots

Tons of House Points and prizes available for the winners.

Share the Love Food Drive Sunday, February 15 7-9pm

House points will be given for every non-perishable food item donated (50 each). RAS will be walking through the halls, look for the heart covered shopping cart!

Nerf War Contest Friday, February 27 8p - 10p -- Lourdes Cafe

Just like last semester! Brave the café in a Nerf gun competition for House Points.

Karaoke Talent Show Thursday, March 19 8:30 - 11pm-- Mugshots

The Mugshots stage will be busy as House Points are won by each participant and big points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

Spring Egg Hunt Saturday, April 3 11am

Go out and find eggs that are hidden with candy and points in them! Residents then bring points slips to front desk to log their points.

Kick Ball Competition Sunday, March 29 1pm

Get back to the basics of your childhood with this last competition!