House Interest Communities

Experience a dynamic, experiential learning opportunity in your residence hall community by participating in one of our West Campus House Interest Communities.  These communities are a small group of students (15 - 20)  who want to focus on a topic in depth with a faculty instructor to guide the way. Together the students and faculty instructor participate in activities in and out of the classroom, then bring what they have learned and experienced to the other members of their West Campus House and the WSU Community.

Each House Interest Community is organized around a 1-credit activities course, EL 201. The activities are planned and coordinated through that course.  Registration forms for Fall 2014 are being accepted now!  Fill out the online Application Form.

The Fall 2014 House Interest Communities are: 

Career Exploration  Vela House- Lourdes Hall
Global Awareness  Hydra House- Lourdes Hall
Green Living  Volans House- Lourdes Hall
Health and Wellness  Pyxis House-Lourdes Hall
Leadership  Aquila House -Tau Center
Mugshots Any House- West Campus
Mississippi River      Octans House- Maria Hall
Outdoor Adventure      Eridanus House- Maria Hall


How can I join a House Interest Community? Fill out the online Application Form.  If you have questions about this program, please contact Sarah Olcott at .