Retiree Center Programs

Senior University  (SU) is open to everyone of retirement age, you do not have to be a Winona State retiree to enjoy these peer-led, short courses taught by WSU retirees and topic experts. SU classes provide intellectual and cultural stimulation and growth, thus giving today’s accomplished adult opportunities for lifelong learning and leadership, combined with the  fellowship of peers sharing a common quest for continued growth.  

Grandparents University® is a fun-filled
experience that actively engages grandparents
and their grandchildren in academics at WSU
while creating memories for a lifetime.
The Living History Project videos provide a
documented legacy and an overview of these WSU Retirees’ lives, experiences, accomplishments and contributions to Winona State University during their careers.

The WSU Retiree Center's Socrates Cafe discussion group meets on the fourth Thursday of each month from 2-4pm at the Center as its regular meeting day, time and location.

What is truth? What is justice? Does killing solve war? What is identity? Where did we come from and where are we going? Is there a shortage of doubt in society? "What is patriotism?" Why is there a rise in religious fundamentalism and atheism?" Big questions and small questions, almost any question at all, no matter how provocative can be considered as part of the Socrates Cafe discussion group.