Our Background

Download the PDF of the 2013-2014 WSU-R Faculty Handbook.

Since 1917, Winona State University has pursued its mission to deliver higher education programs to Rochester and the surrounding area.

Rochester is a unique and growing community. In large part due to the strong medical and technological environment in the area, there is a constant demand for responsive higher education programs and services that address the education and workforce training needs in the community. As our campus mission statement reflects, Winona State University‐Rochester is dedicated to providing appropriate programs that meet community needs and are readily accessible to a diverse population of traditional and non‐traditional students:

“Winona State University-Rochester provides relevant and innovative lifelong learning experiences to educate, enlighten and serve our citizenry to meet the needs of the community and region.”

More than 38 residential faculty, as well as visiting faculty from our Winona campus and adjunct faculty from the Greater Rochester community, provide a strong core of academic and professional instruction for our campus programs. Tuition and fees are very competitive in comparison to the local higher education market and class sizes are relatively small to accommodate class discussion and participation by students in a caring and supportive learning environment.