Graduate Programs in Education

Graduate Programs in Education

The Graduate Education department offers a vast array of exciting opportunities for most everyone depending on the stage of their educational career.  The program caters to teachers, counselors and aspiring educational leaders.  The course offerings are designed to be offered at the convenience of the prospective students.  Programs available include the following:  Counselor Education, Education Leadership, Graduate Induction Program, and Teacher Preparation Collaborative.

A number of concentrations exist in many of these programs, for instance, Counselor Education offers concentrations in community counseling, professional development and school counseling, whereas Education Leadership offers concentrations in organizational leadership. professional leadership studies, recreation leadership, teacher and school leadership and sport management. 

Our strong programs build on our rich history while preparing our graduates to address the needs of contemporary society. Our faculty, staff, and students are a vital part of Winona State’s 'community of learners improving our world.'

As varied as our programs might be, they reflect our dedication to improving our world by focusing on strengthening families, schools, and communities.


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