Transferring to WSU-R

Transfer Q & A

Q: May I take courses at WSU-Rochester before I am formally admitted?

A: Yes. Under certain circumstances, provisional admission may be granted to non-degree seeking students for one semester of WSU-Rochester classes. However, formal admission is required for:

• Anyone whose goal is to obtain a degree
• Anyone taking classes at the Winona campus
• Anyone needing priority registration
• Anyone receiving financial aid
• Anyone registering for graduate-level courses
• Elementary education, nursing and social work program majors

Q. Can I apply for admission for either the fall or spring semester?

A. Yes, but in either case, your application materials must be received at least one month prior to the beginning of the term. Some majors at WSU-Rochester have admission procedures separate from, or in addition to, those of the general university that will require an earlier application deadline. Therefore, it is essential that the department of your major be consulted for their admission criteria as soon as possible.

Q. How do I declare a major?

A. Completion of the Declaration of Major/Minor form is required to officially declare your intended major or minor. Although this form is part of your application to the university, several departments require that you apply directly to their program in order to be accepted. Contact the department of your intended major early in your studies to be informed of their process.

Q. Are there program/faculty advisors available to assist me?

A. Yes. WSU-Rochester has a full-time general academic advisor for all WSU-R programs except for undergraduate nursing and graduate programs. In addition, there are resident faculty members representing each degree program that is offered. These professionals are available for your academic advising and guidance.

Q. What is WSU-Rochester's policy for transferring credits?

A. If you have taken 24 or more semester hours at an accredited two- or four-year institution (excluding technical colleges) and earned a cumulative GPA of 2.40, all of your credits—with the exception of remedial courses—will be transferred. If you are transferring credits to WSU-R that you have earned by examination at another school, a specific course number must be posted on your transcript. If you are transferring credits earned by taking an AP or CLEP test, your scores must meet WSU's score requirements.

For further information, contact the UCR Counseling Center at 1.800.247.1296, ext. 7260 or 507.285.7260.)

Military service school courses will be evaluated according to the recommendations of the Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experience in the Armed Services, published by the American Council of Education. An official DD214 form and/or military educational records must be presented to the Admissions Office for this evaluation. Credit earned through correspondence will be accepted from regionally accredited, college level correspondence schools. If your current GPA is below 2.40, you will be asked to come in for an interview with an admissions transfer specialist who will review your application on an individual basis.

Q. I've earned less than 24 college credits. Can I still apply to WSU-R?

A. Yes, but you will be subject to the same admission requirements as students entering directly from high school. These include a minimum ACT composite of 21 or a high school rank in the top 50%, and completion of the Minnesota State University preparation requirements. In addition, depending upon the major you have chosen, you may need to take lower division prerequisite courses through RCTC (Rochester Community and Technical College) in order to complete your degree program. Advisors are available to assist you will this process.

Q. Will my transfer credits count toward WSU's University Study Requirements?

A. University Studies requirements can be fulfilled in any one of the following ways:
• By completing an AA from any Minnesota community college after July 1985
• By receiving a BS after July 1985
• By completing the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum at any Minnesota state college or university
• By completing an AA degree from a non-Minnesota community college, or an AS or AAS degree from any other two or four-year institution, that includes the following:
1. 40 semester hours of liberal studies as defined by WSU
2. Six semester hours in two departments, from each of the following areas: humanities, social science and natural science
3. Course equivalencies for English composition, speech, mathematics and physical education

Note: These waivers do not include any foundation courses for specific majors. If you have not earned a degree prior to transferring, you will be required to meet all general education requirements as listed in the current WSU catalog.

Q. Does WSU-Rochester have housing facilities?

A. As a campus designed for commuters, WSU-Rochester does not offer housing accommodations. However, a variety of housing options are available in the Rochester area, including furnished and unfurnished apartments, efficiencies, single room rentals and houses.

WSU has partnered with, an independent company that specializes in providing off-campus housing solutions for post-secondary students. This service is free for all students to use as an effective method of finding a place to live off-campus. To view rental listings or to search for potential roommates, using the “Search for Your School” function, type the search term “Rochester.”

Q. Will I be eligible for financial aid?

A. Definitely. More than 70% of WSU students, including transfer students, receive financial aid. However, to receive aid, you must be officially admitted to WSU and have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Q. Are scholarships based on academic merit available for transfers?

A. A $500 scholarship for fall and spring semester transfer students is available. To be considered, you must have completed 30 semester credits at another institution by the application deadline date with a 3.35 cumulative GPA. In addition, each college represented at WSU-Rochester offers scholarships—we strongly encourage students to promptly contact their major department to identify possible scholarship opportunities.