WSU-Rochester Student E-Newsletter

The following information has been sent to WSU-Rochester students' emails. Check back often for updates from the Student & Campus Services Office at WSU-Rochester.


During the first week of the semester, Student and Campus Services staff will be in the UCR Atrium and available for assistance. Stop by if you need help finding any classes or to get more information about upcoming events. We will also have a daily drawing for Winona State University-Rochester prizes!

Student and Campus Services Office

We are here to help! Located in the University Center Rochester, first floor of the Student Services building, next to the RCTC’s Cashier’s Office, SS128. The WSU-Rochester Student and Campus Services (SCS) Office has full-time staff available to provide academic and administrative services for WSU-Rochester students. Contact SCS at or 507.285.7100.

SCS Office provides assistance with:

  • Access Services
  • Admissions
  • Advising
  • Career Services (Resumes, Interviews, and Job Seeking)
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduation
  • Ombudsperson (student services advocate)
  • Probation/Suspension
  • Registration
  • Student Life Activities & Events
  • Student Life Clubs & Organizations
  • Tutoring/Learning Center

Spring Student Life Activities

For more information, check out the Winona State University-Rochester bulletin board across from the RCTC Cashier’s Office; stop by WSU-R Student & Campus Services Office, SS 128; or contact Trent Dernbach at 507.280.5079 or

Mentalist and Hypnotist
Presented by WSU-Rochester and RCTC
Featuring Chris Carter (Mentalist) and Frederick Winters (Hypnotist)
Thurs., Feb. 12
7 pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
UCR Cafeteria
Free!! Food will be provided!

Mixed Blood Theatre: Dr. King's Dream
Presented by WSU-Rochester and RCTC
Wed., Feb. 18
7 pm (Doors open at 6:30pm)
Hill Theatre
Free!! Open to the entire campus and Rochester community!

Free movie tickets for the Paragon Chateau 14 Theater
1 ticket per student per month at the Paragon Chateau 14 Theater

Must be currently enrolled in a WSU-R class—no tickets available before the first day of class (Jan. 12, 2015) or after last day of classes (April 29, 2015)

We need you to be Wazoo!

Are you interested in being the WSU mascot Wazoo at WSU-Rochester? We are looking for someone that will be exciting, engaging and represent WSU-R is a positive and respectful manner. WSU-R’s Wazoo will make appearances at community and campus events in Rochester. The mascot costume is best suited for individuals that are between 5’5” and 6’ around 150-200 lbs. Send an email to Trent Dernbach at if you are interested.

Tell us about your WSU-Rochester Experience

WSU-R students we need your help. Email if you are willing to participate in an upcoming focus group. During the in-person conversation, we will ask you questions about your WSU-Rochester experience and why you chose to attend WSU-R. Your responses will be confidential.

Visiting Advisors From Winona Campus

Schedule an appointment with a Visiting Advisor from the Winona Campus. Stop by Student & Campus Services, SS128, to make an appointment or call 507.285.7100 or email

Spring 2015 Visiting Advisor Schedule

Admissions, Carl and Sarah

  • Jan. 20, 9am to 3pm
  • Feb. 17, 9am to 3pm
  • March 25, 9am to 3pm
  • April 28, 9am to 3pm
  • June 2, 9am to 3pm
College of Business, Kattie
  • Jan. 22, 9am to 3pm
  • Other dates TBD
Counseling and Wellness Services (Personal Counseling Services), Sara
  • Wednesdays, 2pm to 6pm
Financial Aid Services, Mari
  • Wednesdays, 9am to 3pm
Healthcare Leadership & Administration, Heather
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am to 4:30pm
International Services, Vivien
  • The second Monday of each month, 9am to 3pm