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RTTR Travel Study: Pacific Challenge

Pacific Challenge was founded in 1985 by Dr. David Wright, an Australian professor with an educational background and expertise in Environmental Studies and Tourism.

Pacific Challenge offers unique and extensively researched experiential programs to various exciting places on earth by combining the core elements of the adventure/challenge and personal growth opportunities found in Outward Bound and National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) style courses. Since its foundation, Pacific Challenge has taken more than 1,000 students and graduates on unique experiential programs. The group leaders working with Pacific Challenge are trained in wilderness or remote travel first aid, outdoor leadership, and risk management. All the leaders hold graduate or post-graduate qualifications.

The programs carefully blend adventure, cultural immersion, eco-tourism ideals, personal and leadership development, and bundles of fun. These programs are designed to provide students the opportunity to gain skills, confidence and insight, and to realize their potential in an increasingly global society; develop empathy for other cultures; further their understanding of international issues; and heighten appreciation for the earth’s wilderness and diversity.

Students interested in Pacific Challenge can combine programs for up to a semester of US college credit and gain travel study experience.

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