Homecoming Court Competition

Entry forms due by 12pm on Sept. 27. Voting for Homecoming Court will take place October 3-4 through an online election.

The 2013 Homecoming Committee encourages your club, organization, or residence hall to enter the Homecoming court competition. You will only be allowed to sponsor one (1) king candidate and one (1) queen candidate.  If you desire, you may sponsor just a king or queen candidate.  
NOTE: If you sponsor both a king and queen candidate, they will not be running mates in elections.  Each female and each male runs separately.

Minimum Requirements for Candidates:

    1. Currently enrolled as a WSU student
    2. Have attained a sophomore standing or above as of August 2013
    3. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or above
    4. Not currently on any disciplinary probation (on campus or in the residence halls)

Online entry forms with an individual picture of the king candidate and an individual picture of the queen candidate will be due by 12pm on Friday, September 27. Online elections will take place October 3-4 which will determine both the court and the king and queen. 


    1. You may begin campaigning after the entry form is submitted.
    2. Keep in mind you are representing your club and yourself! The integrity and image in which you present yourself is reflected in your campaign.

The committee will contact candidates who have been elected to the Homecoming court and provide them with instructions regarding coronation and responsibilities for the week of Homecoming.

Court members are expected to participate in the following Homecoming activities unless there is a class conflict:

1. Coronation rehearsal (Sunday, October 13 @ 3pm)
2. Coronation ceremony (Tuesday, October 15 @ 7:30pm)
3. Eric Mina comedy hypnotism show (Thursday, October 17 @ 7:30pm)
4. Pep Fest (Friday, October 18 @ 11:45am)
5. Homecoming parade (Saturday, October 19 @ 10am)
6. Football game (Saturday, October 19 @ 2:30pm)

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