Information for Victims of Sexual Violence and Those Who Support Them

Winona State University is committed to eliminating sexual violence in all forms and will take action against any individual found responsible. WSU is committed to providing support and resources to victims of sexual violence.
  • Sexual assault means an actual, attempted, or threatened sexual act with another person without that person’s consent.
  • Sexual violence includes a continuum of conduct from aiding acts of sexual violence to sexual assault.
  • Sexual assault is a criminal act that can be prosecuted under Minnesota law, as well as, result in disciplinary action under Minnesota State Colleges and Universities student conduct codes and employee disciplinary standards. Sexual assault includes but is not limited to:
    • Involvement in any sexual act without the consent of the victim, in which there is the use of force (expressed or implied), coercion, or deception upon the victim, or attempted use of force, coercion, or deception.  Forced sexual intercourse is included in this definition. Sexual acts commonly referred to as “date rape” or “acquaintance rape” are likewise acts of sexual assault
    • Involvement in any sexual act when the victim is unable to give consent (unconscious, intoxicated)
    • The intentional touching or coercing, forcing, or attempting to coerce or force another to touch an unwilling person’s intimate parts (defined as primary genital area, groin, inner thigh, buttocks, or breast)
    • Offensive sexual behavior that is directed at another such as indecent exposure or voyeurism

If someone has sexually assaulted you, you are not alone. There are resources for sexual assault survivors.