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Statistics Faculty

The Statistics Group at Winona State University currently consists of 8 faculty members.  Our faculty have strong interests in several areas of statistics which allow students to experience the ever growing opportunities in statistics.

 Deppa, Brant
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Office: 311 Gildemeister Hall
Phone: 507.457.5457

Email: bdeppa@winona.edu
Web: course1.winona.edu/bdeppa
Field of Study: Applied Statistics, Statistical Computing & Graphics, and Experimental Design

Professional Goals and Interests:  To lead students to discover that statistics is actually cool; Figure out a way to simultaneously use all the computers in my office.

Draskoci-Johnson, Jeff
Associate Professor
Ph.D., The Ohio State University

Office: 202 Gildemeister Hall
Phone: 507.457.5372

Email: jdraskocijohnson@winona.edu
Web: course1.winona.edu/jdraskoci-johnson
Field of Study: Statistics, especially as applied to the social sciences.

Professional Goals and Interests: Figuring out how to get nurses and social workers excited about statistics; Developing nonparametric techniques that can incorporate prior knowledge and loss functions.

Hooks, Tisha

Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Office: 240 Pasteur Hall
Phone: 507.457.2595

Email: thooks@winona.edu
Web: course1.winona.edu/thooks
Field of Study: Applied Statistics, Statistical Consulting, Spatial Statistics

Professional Goals and Interests: To help students understand and appreciate the application of statistics; To provide statistical consulting as needed to individuals within the university and community.

Jarvinen, Richard
Ph.D., Syracuse University

Office: 308 Gildemeister Hall
Phone: 507.457.5590

Email: rdjarvinen@winona.edu
Web: course1.winona.edu/rjarvinen
Field of Study: Functional Analysis

Professional Goals and Interests: I truly enjoy my role as a teaching professor. While I have a major in mathematics at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctor's levels, I also have an undergraduate major in physics, coursework beyond the Master's level in computer science, and considerable training and experience (e.g., with the Mayo Clinic and NASA) in statistics. I have taught college-level courses in all four of these subject areas and bring my industrial experiences into the classroom.

 Malone, Chris
Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Kansas State University

Office: 238 Pasteur Hall
Phone: 507.457.2989

Email: cmalone@winona.edu
Web: course1.winona.edu/cmalone
Field of Study: Applied Statistics, Statistical Education, Statistical Consulting, Nonparametric Statistics, and Experimental Design.

Professional Goals and Interests: To enjoy life; To guide individuals on how best to make decisions based on quantifiable information. (I know, less interesting than life...)

 Quella, Joyce
Assistant Professor
M.S. University of Iowa
A.M. University of Illinois, Urbana

Office: 348 Pasteur Hall
Phone: 507.457.5566

Email: jquella@winona.edu
Web: course1.winona.edu/jquella
Field of Study: Mathematics Education, Statistics

Rand, Dan
Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Office: 205 Gildemeister Hall
Phone: 507.457.5655

Email: drand@winona.edu
Web: course1.winona.edu/drand
Field of Study: Statistical methods for quality improvement, Operations Research

Professional Goals and Interests: Develop outreach programs in Six Sigma quality improvement at Winona State for area industries and health care organizations. Consult in the application of statistical methods as needed by Winona State students and faculty..

 Suman, Ken
Ph.D., Penn State University

Office: 306 Gildemeister Hall
Phone: 507.457.5371

Email: ksuman@winona.edu
Web: course1.winona.edu/ksuman
Field of Study: Enumerative Combinatorics and Discrete Probability

Professional Goals and Interests: To establish a national reputation for excellence for our undergraduate programs in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Statistics.
Phone: 507.457.5370
Fax: 507.457.5376
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