Strategic Planning at WSU

Setting Our Sights on the Next 157 Years


Strategic planning for WSU-W and WSU-R requires the participation of the entire WSU community. In Fall 2012, President Olson launched his “Hopes and Dreams” sessions to gather ideas, proposals, and perceptions of the future of Winona State under his leadership. These data were gathered, digitized, and studied developed the WSU Hopes and Dreams Concept Categories (PDF). Further analyses of these data were conducted by WSU students and compiled in a report to the campus community (PDF).

Planning must be based on more than opinions, perceptions, or reactions to outside potential challenges and opportunities. In the Fall of 2013, the President met with the Cabinet to discuss the various reports on the Hopes and Dreams data. He characterized the data as falling under five general headings (The 5 P’s) that have since emerged as our guiding values: People, Programs, Price, Place, and Pride. He created three university shared governance committees (Long Range Planning, Finance and Facilities, and Improvement, Accreditation and Assessment) to oversee the processes for moving our Hopes and Dreams to the next level.

Initially, we introduced The 5 P’s (People, Programs, Price, Place, and Pride) as broad categories and planning priorities. We asked the campus communities to reflect on these areas and consider some questions under each heading and asked for initiatives that would further clarify and begin to operationalize our Hopes and Dreams data.